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Presentation Wiki


Whiplash! A workshop on a wiki.



Your Homework

Review the chatcast below then answer the questions here. You can edit the wiki by clicking on the blue EDIT PAGE button near the top left corner of this page. If you don't see the EDIT PAGE button it is because you are not logged in. Log in by clicking on the log in link near the top right corner of this page.


What were the "Big Ideas" discussed in this session?



What were the "Takeaways" for you?



What questions do you have as a result of this session that you would like answered?








[11:31:23 AM] Terry Freedman says: here we go:


[11:31:30 AM] Durff says: bye


[11:31:32 AM] Sharon Peters says: (deep breath, deep breath)


[11:31:34 AM] Bud Hunt says: oh, good.  Not too much to do.


[11:31:37 AM] Bud Hunt says: heh.


[11:31:37 AM] Joseph Miller says: welcome joyce


[11:31:55 AM] Terry Freedman says: Darren is going to race thru every cool tool in 10 mins


[11:32:05 AM] Terry Freedman says: starting with social bookmarking


[11:32:06 AM] Durff says: sure he is


[11:32:13 AM] Durff says: twitter!


[11:32:13 AM] Terry Freedman says: all links are in the wiki


[11:32:17 AM] Sharon Peters says: is there a url? I think I exited the wiki


[11:32:19 AM] Terry Freedman says: go to whiplash lionk


[11:32:25 AM] Terry Freedman says: whiplash.pbwiki.com


[11:32:30 AM] Durff says: http://whiplash.pbwiki.com/


[11:32:35 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx Durff


[11:32:40 AM] Durff says: :)


[11:32:50 AM] Terry Freedman says: Darren, I am recording audio


[11:33:14 AM] Bud Hunt says: He's selling bootleg copies to fund his retirement


[11:33:24 AM] Joseph Miller says: I'd like to hear what he told people during the break


[11:33:26 AM] Durff says: of course


[11:33:36 AM] Durff says: brb


[11:34:05 AM] Sharon Peters says: any way to hear his pres live??


[11:34:21 AM] Bud Hunt says: I can hear him - how many can you host that way, Terry?


[11:34:34 AM] Terry Freedman says: Sharon, I could only get 10 peeps in the skype conference call, but I am recording this (I hope)


[11:34:42 AM] Terry Freedman says: 10, Bud


[11:34:48 AM] Terry Freedman says: limitation of skype


[11:34:49 AM] Bud Hunt says: mac user.


[11:34:58 AM] Sharon Peters says: okay


[11:35:09 AM] Joseph Miller says: self-directed learners in the afternoon the participants will decide what they want to do


[11:35:13 AM] Bud Hunt says: I only see four - are there more?


[11:35:26 AM] *** Sharon Peters added vjansen07 to this chat




[11:35:38 AM] Durff says: i guess skypecasts are a thing of the past?


[11:35:46 AM] Terry Freedman says: sh*t


[11:35:49 AM] Claudia Ceraso says: @Bud I think I only see those who are in my contacts.


[11:35:50 AM] Durff says: hi  vincent


[11:36:01 AM] Sharon Peters says: I think there are too many issues with skypecasts - has been flaky


[11:36:09 AM] vjansen07 says: hi durff


[11:36:11 AM] Terry Freedman says: I just noticed an error msg: powergramo stopped recording after 35 mins


[11:36:13 AM] Bud Hunt says: ah - cool


[11:36:15 AM] Bud Hunt says: thanks, claudia


[11:36:16 AM] Sharon Peters says: oops


[11:36:21 AM] Durff says: be nice if they returned


[11:36:32 AM] vjansen07 says: is terry lloking after the tech stuf??


[11:36:36 AM] Bud Hunt says: My social bookmarks are horribly unwieldy -- but they're hidden, which I love.


[11:36:41 AM] Sharon Peters says: Terry is today's captain


[11:36:49 AM] Joseph Miller says: instead of favorites...use the social bookmarks


[11:36:58 AM] Terry Freedman says: hi Vincent, no, i WAs chairing the chatcast


[11:36:59 AM] vjansen07 says: oh yes..


[11:37:00 AM] Durff says: hidden from whom?


[11:37:02 AM] Sharon Peters says: yes, I have abandoned using favourites


[11:37:05 AM] Bud Hunt says: http://del.icio.us/budtheteacher


[11:37:11 AM] Joseph Miller says: anyone use bookmarks with mobile devices?


[11:37:21 AM] Durff says: no


[11:37:25 AM] vjansen07 says: no


[11:37:26 AM] Bud Hunt says: they're public -- but they're like all the other information on the Internet -- they're everywhere and nowhere at the same time.


[11:37:28 AM] Sharon Peters says: that would be too expensive in Canada


[11:37:30 AM] Claudia Ceraso says: no


[11:37:32 AM] Joseph Miller says: most new phones are web enabled


[11:37:33 AM] Durff says: i bet you could though


[11:37:45 AM] Tonia Johnson says: where is the link to the page on social bookmarking?


[11:38:00 AM] Durff says: http://whiplash.pbwiki.com/


[11:38:09 AM] Sharon Peters says: yes, most phones are web-enabled by cell phone providers cost an arm and leg to use web browsing on a cell (in Canada)


[11:38:13 AM] Terry Freedman says: Darren is talking about FURL


[11:38:24 AM] Sharon Peters says: FURL is ... remind me??


[11:38:26 AM] Tonia Johnson says: I"m there, But i can't find social bookmarking link


[11:38:29 AM] Durff says: i haven't tried that one


[11:38:32 AM] Bud Hunt says: http://whiplash.pbwiki.com/Social-Bookmarking


[11:38:34 AM] Joseph Miller says: is it worth an arm and a leg?


[11:38:39 AM] Sharon Peters says: not to me


[11:38:43 AM] vjansen07 says: not me either


[11:38:54 AM] Sharon Peters says: but when iPhone finally comes to Canada..... ;)


[11:39:03 AM] Claudia Ceraso says: I think Furl saves the page as you see it today. You can retrieve it even if it changes.


[11:39:07 AM] Durff says: i use delicious


[11:39:08 AM] Joseph Miller says: why is the iPhone different?


[11:39:09 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @bud Thanks


[11:39:26 AM] Bud Hunt says: FURL is great as a social bookmarking tool because it caches the website -- always a copy there.  I left Furl only because the people I wanted to read were using del.icio.us and I didn't want ONE MORE login to worry with.


[11:39:28 AM] Sharon Peters says: iPhone can pick up wifi anywhere it is available


[11:39:30 AM] Durff says: i can access my bookmarks on any computer anywhere


[11:39:30 AM] Bud Hunt says: Wish they worked together.


[11:39:45 AM] drewpalmerwsu says: so furl.net and delicious = similar tool?


[11:39:46 AM] Sharon Peters says: agree with Bud


[11:39:50 AM] Bud Hunt says: I really like being able to repurpose the links using RSS and/or Javascript


[11:39:58 AM] Durff says: mashup time


[11:40:03 AM] Sharon Peters says: there is always the wayback machine


[11:40:04 AM] Bud Hunt says: exactly


[11:40:12 AM] vjansen07 says: can you use rss to get both furl and del links


[11:40:21 AM] Bud Hunt says: yes, you can vjansen


[11:40:34 AM] Durff says: theortically yes


[11:40:48 AM] Durff says: an RSS search for tags


[11:40:49 AM] Bud Hunt says: in lots of great ways -- either people or specific tags or a person's specific tags, etc.


[11:41:05 AM] Sharon Peters says: now that would be cool


[11:41:13 AM] vjansen07 says: yes use tags then merge them into a reader


[11:41:43 AM] Sharon Peters says: Vince, you are going to have to show me how you do that.....


[11:41:52 AM] Joseph Miller says: I like the FURL interface, but I use del.icio.us  I guess Darren does too


[11:42:03 AM] Bud Hunt says: AH-A -- Darren's switched from furl to delicious, too.  Says that he used to use one for his classes and the other for himself.


[11:42:03 AM] Bud Hunt says: Clever.


[11:42:05 AM] Durff says: the larger the network, the more collective intelligence grows (I am very smart if you go by those standards)


[11:42:17 AM] Terry Freedman says: Bud, can u record Darren's session?


[11:42:34 AM] Bud Hunt says: I dunno - new machine.  Need to head out?


[11:42:35 AM] Durff says: Allanah King uses delicious with primary kids


[11:42:58 AM] Terry Freedman says: no, it stopped recording after 35 mins, but IU didn't nnotice


[11:42:59 AM] Bud Hunt says: checking into it, Terry.


[11:43:03 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx


[11:43:25 AM] Joseph Miller says: we have some of the video and audio here in colorado


[11:43:25 AM] Bud Hunt says: oh


[11:43:47 AM] Terry Freedman says: that's great, Joseph


[11:43:47 AM] Sharon Peters says: is Darren recording himself?


[11:43:52 AM] Terry Freedman says: no


[11:44:03 AM] Joseph Miller says: adams 14 is recording


[11:44:09 AM] Terry Freedman says: he should have used my golden rule


[11:44:18 AM] Durff says: whichis?


[11:44:21 AM] vjansen07 says: have backup


[11:44:27 AM] Durff says: ah!


[11:44:29 AM] Terry Freedman says: Murphy's Law


[11:44:30 AM] Sharon Peters says: always have a backup plan


[11:44:36 AM] Sharon Peters says: oh


[11:44:36 AM] Durff says: or


[11:44:42 AM] Durff says: 3


[11:44:47 AM] Terry Freedman says: u know Murphy's Law?


[11:44:48 AM] Sharon Peters says: maybe you should change your golden rule


[11:45:03 AM] Durff says: yes i know murphy well


[11:45:11 AM] Terry Freedman says: who is andi14?


[11:45:22 AM] Terry Freedman says: sorry, adams 14


[11:45:26 AM] Joseph Miller says: adams 14 is the district Darren is visiting


[11:45:38 AM] Joseph Miller says: http://www.acsd14.k12.co.us/


[11:45:42 AM] Terry Freedman says: so all this is being recorded?


[11:45:47 AM] Bud Hunt says: I'm excited to see another colorado district exploring the read/write web.


[11:45:53 AM] Joseph Miller says: http://principianteglobal.blogspot.com/


[11:46:13 AM] Terry Freedman says: it means I can't badger Darren for a recording fee


[11:46:22 AM] Durff says: :)


[11:46:36 AM] vjansen07 says: lol


[11:46:38 AM] Sharon Peters says: what is he talking aobut now


[11:46:45 AM] Terry Freedman says: but it's good


[11:46:47 AM] Joseph Miller says: del.icio.us


[11:47:02 AM] Terry Freedman says: delicious vs Furl


[11:47:05 AM] Sharon Peters says: gee thanks


[11:47:09 AM] Terry Freedman says: his egg-timer has gone off.


[11:47:10 AM] Sharon Peters says: highlights?


[11:47:21 AM] Terry Freedman says: he mentions a social networking videon on the wiki


[11:47:29 AM] Bud Hunt says: he's showing resources from his whiplash page


[11:47:29 AM] Sharon Peters says: okay Terry, you have 30 seconds to summarize! GO!


[11:47:38 AM] Bud Hunt says: lee lefever's video on social networking


[11:47:43 AM] Bud Hunt says: addthis was just mentioned


[11:47:43 AM] Terry Freedman says: he didn't say more than has already been said:


[11:47:54 AM] Terry Freedman says: delisious doesn't capture websites


[11:47:55 AM] Bud Hunt says: heading into RSS, winding egg.


[11:48:07 AM] Terry Freedman says: plus peeps send him links they think he would like


[11:48:24 AM] Terry Freedman says: "aggregators not aggravators"


[11:48:33 AM] Sharon Peters says: url to video? I can't see it on wiki


[11:48:35 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx Bud


[11:48:42 AM] Bud Hunt says: http://whiplash.pbwiki.com/RSS


[11:48:47 AM] Bud Hunt says: (not for video)


[11:49:04 AM] Terry Freedman says: to anyone reading this, save this chat because it is a very rich resource. You can bookmark it too


[11:49:06 AM] Durff says: there are an awful lot of links he is providing...i take it the participants are not greenhorns and will not be scared away?


[11:49:11 AM] Sharon Peters says: thanks Bud - video is embedded right?


[11:49:32 AM] Terry Freedman says: is anyone here scared?


[11:49:40 AM] Bud Hunt says: Not sure.


[11:49:54 AM] *** Durff has changed the chat topic to "Darren's workshop"




[11:49:55 AM] Bud Hunt says: http://commoncraft.com/bookmarking-plain-english


[11:50:01 AM] vjansen07 says: not yet..


[11:50:02 AM] Durff says: sorry


[11:50:03 AM] vjansen07 says: captain!


[11:50:08 AM] Bud Hunt says: that's the video, sharon.


[11:50:12 AM] Durff says: didn't know it would do that


[11:50:14 AM] Dave Tarwater says: all global learners have google accounts


[11:50:14 AM] Sharon Peters says: am watching thanks!


[11:50:19 AM] *** Terry Freedman added Joyce Valenza to this chat




[11:50:27 AM] Durff says: hi joyce!


[11:50:28 AM] Bud Hunt says: commoncraft.com (lee lefever) has lots of great little videos on Web 2.0 stuff.


[11:50:36 AM] Sharon Peters says: cool


[11:50:48 AM] Bud Hunt says: I use them in my presentations --- with mmuch success.


[11:51:06 AM] Joyce Valenza says: hi all,  thanks or letting me in!


[11:51:13 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx for the useful tip, Bud


[11:51:20 AM] vjansen07 says: hi joyce


[11:51:32 AM] Sharon Peters says: how did we lose Joyce? She was there before .... Welcome back!


[11:51:54 AM] Joyce Valenza says: :) here.  just trying to catch up


[11:52:00 AM] Sharon Peters says: (you gotta watch that Freedman character - if he doesn't like you, he boots you out!)


[11:52:02 AM] Terry Freedman says: Joyce was in the twilight zone. that happens to librarians


[11:52:03 AM] Durff says: i never can


[11:52:09 AM] Bud Hunt says: hi, joyce


[11:52:10 AM] Joyce Valenza says: now, now, terry!


[11:52:10 AM] Durff says: he will


[11:52:11 AM] Terry Freedman says: ha!


[11:52:12 AM] Joseph Miller says: newspapers have RSS feeds


[11:52:16 AM] Terry Freedman says: lol


[11:52:20 AM] Durff says: yup


[11:52:22 AM] Bud Hunt says: everything has an RSS feed.


[11:52:25 AM] Bud Hunt says: except my newspaper.


[11:52:26 AM] Durff says: BBC


[11:52:36 AM] Durff says: i'm sorry


[11:52:37 AM] Terry Freedman says: Assignment: The Real Story


[11:52:41 AM] vjansen07 says: except school boards


[11:52:43 AM] Sharon Peters says: LOL to Bud


[11:52:51 AM] Durff says: whos real story?


[11:52:56 AM] Sharon Peters says: school sites should have them FOR SURE


[11:53:11 AM] Terry Freedman says: kids subscribe to a few newspaper RSS feeds from around the world,


[11:53:15 AM] Sharon Peters says: tried to point that out to our communications director and headmaster last year.... sigh


[11:53:17 AM] Terry Freedman says: and follow same story in each


[11:53:25 AM] Terry Freedman says: to try and work out what happened really


[11:53:27 AM] Durff says: and one can create them


[11:53:27 AM] Sharon Peters says: that would be a great lesson


[11:53:39 AM] Durff says: for sites that don't have them


[11:53:51 AM] Terry Freedman says: Darren is talking about an alleged attack by Israel on Gaza Strip


[11:54:03 AM] vjansen07 says: i hav ebeen askign to create RSS feeds for static pages..anyone know how?


[11:54:16 AM] Durff says: Feedity i think


[11:54:32 AM] Joseph Miller says: The Adams 14 Public Information Officer has an RSS feed to share his review of the days news.  Great feed: http://www.google.com/reader/public/atom/user/01629563882665097541/state/com.google/broadcast


[11:54:34 AM] vjansen07 says: thanks will try that durff


[11:54:35 AM] Durff says: or Feedburner


[11:55:03 AM] Terry Freedman says: Feed windows


[11:55:18 AM] Durff says: i have to try that


[11:55:35 AM] Terry Freedman says: that's a window open to newspapers, science section of reuters, etc


[11:55:38 AM] Joseph Miller says: Google Reader allows keyword searches


[11:55:40 AM] Sharon Peters says: Feedity looks like it will do the trick, Vince


[11:55:56 AM] Joseph Miller says: anyone using Particls?


[11:56:05 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx, Joseph, I have been looking for that. how do u do it?


[11:56:10 AM] Bud Hunt says: no - what is it?


[11:56:22 AM] Terry Freedman says: you can search Google news for a term, and RSS it


[11:56:34 AM] Terry Freedman says: I think that's Google alerts


[11:56:44 AM] vjansen07 says: that is great..


[11:56:44 AM] Terry Freedman says: what is Feedity?


[11:56:44 AM] Bud Hunt says: that is a google alert, Terry.


[11:56:55 AM] Joseph Miller says: I believe there is a "share" option in Google Reader.  then, I subscribe to his "shared" items


[11:56:55 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx Bud


[11:56:57 AM] Durff says: easier to use RSS to gather the tagged info


[11:57:00 AM] Durff says: on a wiki page


[11:57:05 AM] Terry Freedman says: oic, will look for that


[11:57:09 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx


[11:57:09 AM] Durff says: it updates all the time


[11:57:10 AM] vjansen07 says: I use goole alerts..daily list on specific terms..works well


[11:57:22 AM] Durff says: i never use those


[11:57:30 AM] Durff says: too commercial


[11:57:41 AM] Terry Freedman says: I use google alerts to search for references to me


[11:57:42 AM] Terry Freedman says: LOL


[11:57:51 AM] Sharon Peters says: how like you, Terry!


[11:57:59 AM] Terry Freedman says: moi?


[11:57:59 AM] Durff says: use RSS tag searches


[11:58:08 AM] vjansen07 says: true Durff..however picks up some good links too..


[11:58:10 AM] Terry Freedman says: how, Durff?


[11:58:17 AM] Terry Freedman says: Darren is showing a video


[11:58:20 AM] Terry Freedman says: missed the title


[11:58:27 AM] Terry Freedman says: but it's about RSS


[11:58:29 AM] Bud Hunt says: lee lefever's wikis in plain english


[11:58:30 AM] vjansen07 says: you would terry :)


[11:58:32 AM] Bud Hunt says: commoncraft.com


[11:58:34 AM] Terry Freedman says: it's good, I've seen it


[11:58:35 AM] Durff says: i copied Vicki's code and changed the search terms


[11:58:39 AM] Bud Hunt says: That's the old way . . . .booooooooo


[11:58:41 AM] Sharon Peters says: link?


[11:58:41 AM] Durff says: and put on my wiki


[11:58:43 AM] Terry Freedman says: lol @ Vincent


[11:58:47 AM] Bud Hunt says: oopd


[11:58:52 AM] Bud Hunt says: It's RSS in Plain english


[11:58:54 AM] Bud Hunt says: not wikis


[11:58:58 AM] Durff says: i'm the queen of copy n' paste


[11:58:59 AM] Terry Freedman says: thx Bud


[11:59:21 AM] Joseph Miller says: egg timer off


[11:59:27 AM] Terry Freedman says: his egg timer has gone off again; he must be eating a lot of eggs


[11:59:36 AM] Sharon Peters says: 30 second summary, Terry??


[11:59:40 AM] Sharon Peters says: next topic?


[11:59:43 AM] Joseph Miller says: here is a blog link to some of the things we encourage our teachers to do: http://principianteglobal.blogspot.com/2007/06/rss-tricks-and-tips.html


[11:59:45 AM] Joyce Valenza says: is it the eggplant aubergine egg timer?


[11:59:49 AM] Joseph Miller says: egg


[11:59:58 AM] Terry Freedman says: of RSS? I've been talking about it throughout


[12:00:03 PM] Terry Freedman says: some people ....


[12:00:04 PM] Joyce Valenza says: he brought it at BLC last year


[12:00:11 PM] Joseph Miller says: wiki


[12:00:12 PM] Durff says: for example Terry; http://ourwebcast.wikispaces.com/Topic+One+Blogs


[12:00:13 PM] Terry Freedman says: lol @ Joyce


[12:00:23 PM] Terry Freedman says: difference between blogs & wikis


[12:00:30 PM] Joyce Valenza says: never heard anyone actually say "aubergine" before that


[12:00:32 PM] Terry Freedman says: that's covered in Coming of Age too


[12:00:38 PM] Sharon Peters says: isn't eggplant aubergine redundant?


[12:00:39 PM] Terry Freedman says: lol


[12:00:48 PM] Durff says: how does one pronounce that?


[12:00:53 PM] Joyce Valenza says: yes/ i forgot my intended slash mark


[12:00:56 PM] Sharon Peters says: oh- burrr - jheen


[12:00:57 PM] Terry Freedman says: aubergine is the correct (British) term


[12:01:01 PM] Joyce Valenza says: o-ber-gine


[12:01:03 PM] Bud Hunt says: what are you, a language arts teacher or somethin'?


[12:01:03 PM] Terry Freedman says: that?


[12:01:04 PM] Joyce Valenza says: nice, sharon


[12:01:10 PM] Terry Freedman says: th-a-t


[12:01:15 PM] Joyce Valenza says: nice, terry


[12:01:20 PM] Sharon Peters says: hey, I live in MontrÈal, je parle franÁais


[12:01:22 PM] Terry Freedman says: thx Joyce


[12:01:31 PM] Sharon Peters says: mais juste un peu


[12:01:39 PM] Terry Freedman says: no foreign languages here please, or I'll boot u out


[12:01:39 PM] Durff says: obessive compulsive Joyce?


[12:01:40 PM] Joyce Valenza says: je suis in awe!


[12:01:45 PM] Joyce Valenza says: yup


[12:01:55 PM] Durff says: Warum nicht?


[12:02:01 PM] Sharon Peters says: I am but a fauxbecois person


[12:02:01 PM] Terry Freedman says: I knew it was a mistake letting Joyce in


[12:02:13 PM] Joyce Valenza says: oh poop


[12:02:16 PM] Joyce Valenza says: oops


[12:02:18 PM] Durff says: Aber nicht wahe!


[12:02:22 PM] Bud Hunt says: I'm happy she's here.  not a clue what y'all are talkin' about.  But I'm glad.  I think.


[12:02:23 PM] Durff says: wahr


[12:02:27 PM] Terry Freedman says: Darren is making the usual spurious comparison between errors in wikipedia and britanica


[12:02:33 PM] vjansen07 says: goed gedaan..zal ik ok bykomen


[12:02:42 PM] Durff says: Pluto


[12:02:43 PM] Sharon Peters says: spurious?? according to???


[12:02:46 PM] Joyce Valenza says: ah.


[12:02:50 PM] Terry Freedman says: can we all get back on task please? in english


[12:02:50 PM] vjansen07 says: but can Darren do it in naother language?


[12:02:51 PM] Durff says: Terry


[12:02:58 PM] Sharon Peters says: I bet he speaks Hebrew


[12:03:00 PM] Terry Freedman says: according to me


[12:03:02 PM] Sharon Peters says: yiddish


[12:03:10 PM] Durff says: tassk? there is a task?


[12:03:13 PM] Sharon Peters says: and French - he is originally from Montreal too, you know


[12:03:18 PM] Terry Freedman says: I think it's comparing apples and pears


[12:03:19 PM] Durff says: Oi veh


[12:03:22 PM] Joyce Valenza says: i speak a bissel yiddish


[12:03:28 PM] Joyce Valenza says: have you seen http://www.conservapedia.com/Main_Page


[12:03:29 PM] Joseph Miller says: the district outgoing IP address is banned by wikipedia.org


[12:03:33 PM] Terry Freedman says: please let's get back to the topic


[12:03:34 PM] vjansen07 says: oh sorry Terry...we found his weakness


[12:03:35 PM] Durff says: nur ein bisele?


[12:03:37 PM] Joyce Valenza says: which is?


[12:03:44 PM] Bud Hunt says: joseph - that's common in school districts


[12:03:50 PM] Joseph Miller says: of course


[12:03:55 PM] Bud Hunt says: students use/misuse it and they get blocked.


[12:03:56 PM] Terry Freedman says: it's not fair on the delegates for us to mess about so much


[12:03:59 PM] Sharon Peters says: not quite, Terry, because our students are using wikipedia in the same way as they would Britannica online


[12:03:59 PM] Bud Hunt says: rrrrrrr


[12:04:02 PM] Joseph Miller says: and teachers


[12:04:11 PM] Durff says: RSS?


[12:04:16 PM] Joseph Miller says: Bud is it blocked in your district


[12:04:18 PM] Terry Freedman says: ok, Sharon


[12:04:19 PM] Joyce Valenza says: okay


[12:04:19 PM] Bud Hunt says: if you've got an account and use it you can get around the blocks


[12:04:27 PM] Durff says: Wikis?


[12:04:31 PM] Bud Hunt says: I can use my account here -- just can't create them here.


[12:04:43 PM] Joseph Miller says: yes, you cannot setup a new account


[12:04:45 PM] Durff says: where are we Terry>?


[12:04:47 PM] Bud Hunt says: here being in the school district.


[12:04:48 PM] Terry Freedman says: Bud, are u gonna be around for a while?


[12:04:56 PM] Joseph Miller says: once you have the account you can get in


[12:05:03 PM] Terry Freedman says: wikis


[12:05:07 PM] Bud Hunt says: i'm here for about 20 mintues - how can I help?


[12:05:08 PM] Durff says: thank you


[12:05:14 PM] Terry Freedman says: Darren is talking about how he uses wikis


[12:05:26 PM] Terry Freedman says: eg for dumnping stuff into for reference later


[12:05:29 PM] Joseph Miller says: he uses the wiki as a space to take notes


[12:05:40 PM] Joyce Valenza says: wikis are my killer app for introducing teachers to 2.0 tools


[12:05:42 PM] Durff says: that's what I do


[12:05:48 PM] Durff says: planning


[12:05:53 PM] Durff says: and presenting


[12:05:54 PM] Terry Freedman says: I need to be sociable with my wife. could u chair the chat now? ie tell peeps what Daz is saying?


[12:06:10 PM] Terry Freedman says: or Joseph could perhaps


[12:06:15 PM] Sharon Peters says: I agree Joyce, wikis are a killer app - love what you do with them for info lit and schools!


[12:06:36 PM] Joseph Miller says: I'll do my best, but I am also taping and coordinating


[12:06:43 PM] Joyce Valenza says: thanks, sharon.  they provide immediate gratification


[12:06:45 PM] Regina Stewart says:




[12:06:47 PM] Durff says: multi tasking


[12:06:54 PM] Durff says: hi regina


[12:06:54 PM] Regina Stewart says: I've been working on http://achsnewteachers.wikispaces.com/ for the high school


[12:06:55 PM] Durff says: jump in


[12:06:59 PM] Bud Hunt says: tangent: Newsweek's picked up the social networking class discussion via Danah Boyd.  Boy, I bet she wishes journalists could read a little better.http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20010695/


[12:06:59 PM] Terry Freedman says: ok, Joseph


[12:07:02 PM] Jon Fisher says: a CV (Curriculum vitae) is like a resume.


[12:07:11 PM] Sharon Peters says: thanks Bud


[12:07:12 PM] Bud Hunt says: can do


[12:07:12 PM] Joyce Valenza says: danah is amazing


[12:07:22 PM] Bud Hunt says: terry - I can captain for 15 minutes -


[12:07:24 PM] Bud Hunt says: will that work>


[12:07:25 PM] Bud Hunt says: ?


[12:07:26 PM] Terry Freedman says: Thanks very much, Bud.


[12:07:26 PM] Joseph Miller says: Darren says this workshop will have a wiki to expand the content


[12:07:29 PM] Bud Hunt says: then hand off to someone else?


[12:07:40 PM] Bud Hunt says: darren's sharing their wiki password and information


[12:07:41 PM] Joseph Miller says: a wiki is a website that has WYSIWYG


[12:07:42 PM] Terry Freedman says: Yes, but am not sure who else can hear Daz


[12:07:53 PM] Bud Hunt says: i see - hmm  . . . .


[12:07:58 PM] Bud Hunt says: we'll figure it out.


[12:08:04 PM] Terry Freedman says: but we can only do what we can do. I am starving


[12:08:06 PM] Bud Hunt says: get an Adams 14 person perhaps to drive in a few


[12:08:08 PM] Terry Freedman says: low blood sugar,


[12:08:13 PM] Bud Hunt says: Darren's now sharing information on other wikis


[12:08:14 PM] Terry Freedman says: losing consciousness


[12:08:18 PM] Joseph Miller says: ed wikis of interest: Jean Paul Bradley


[12:08:25 PM] Joyce Valenza says: survival is critical Terry.  Eat


[12:08:31 PM] Terry Freedman says: thx folks


[12:08:38 PM] Bud Hunt says: bradley's really into online gaming -


[12:08:40 PM] Terry Freedman says: nice to chat to you all


[12:08:43 PM] Terry Freedman says: cheers, Joyce


[12:08:47 PM] Joyce Valenza says: bye T!


[12:08:51 PM] Terry Freedman says: bye!


[12:08:52 PM] Durff says: complaints, complaints...


[12:08:52 PM] Bud Hunt says: modifies games to put school content into them


[12:08:53 PM] Joseph Miller says: whoa, check out Bradley's stuff


[12:08:56 PM] vjansen07 says: alsi to edcuation wikis http://educationalwikis.wikispaces.com/Examples+of+educational+wikis


[12:09:04 PM] Terry Freedman says: thanks vince


[12:09:23 PM] Terry Freedman says: this is going to be a very rich resource I think, this chatcast


[12:09:35 PM] Terry Freedman says: ok, I will look like I am here, but I am not


[12:09:38 PM] Terry Freedman says: bye!


[12:09:43 PM] Durff says: yes, but...


[12:09:47 PM] Sharon Peters says: bye


[12:09:50 PM] Bud Hunt says: Darren - Now sharing info on the Across the Pond group.  (I think that's the name.)


[12:09:50 PM] vjansen07 says: bye T


[12:09:53 PM] Terry Freedman says: bye Sharon


[12:09:54 PM] Durff says: why is it I aways want more


[12:09:54 PM] Bud Hunt says: take care, terry


[12:09:58 PM] Joseph Miller says: Holocaust wiki project


[12:10:04 PM] Durff says: bye terry


[12:10:04 PM] Terry Freedman says: thx Bud, u too


[12:10:07 PM] Terry Freedman says: cheers, all


[12:10:09 PM] Bud Hunt says: will do


[12:10:12 PM] Joyce Valenza says: that's a cool branching sim wiki!


[12:10:13 PM] Joseph Miller says: see ya Terry


[12:10:16 PM] Durff says: cheerio


[12:10:22 PM] *** penny.j.bortner left this chat




[12:10:31 PM] Terry Freedman says: bye Durff, Joseph


[12:10:33 PM] *** Joseph Miller added penny.j.bortner to this chat




[12:10:43 PM] Joseph Miller says: Thanks a lot Terry


[12:10:56 PM] Terry Freedman says: my pleasure! bye


[12:11:14 PM] Bud Hunt says: Darren's discussing functionality of the Holocaust Wiki - it's similar to the process of going through the US Holocaust Museum. A Choose your own adventure type of information.


[12:11:17 PM] Joseph Miller says: teacher's lounge wiki


[12:11:24 PM] Joseph Miller says: egg timer has gone off


[12:11:39 PM] Bud Hunt says: Teacher's Lounge is a collection of lesson plans.


[12:11:52 PM] Bud Hunt says: everyone's catching their breath as Darren rewinds the timer.


[12:11:52 PM] vjansen07 says: is there a link for teachers lounge


[12:11:53 PM] Joseph Miller says: some people are definitely whiplashed!


[12:11:56 PM] Bud Hunt says: taking questions


[12:12:08 PM] Joseph Miller says: podcasting is up


[12:12:27 PM] Bud Hunt says: http://teacherslounge.editme.com/


[12:12:31 PM] Bud Hunt says: link to teacher's lounge


[12:12:33 PM] Bud Hunt says: odeo.com


[12:12:34 PM] Sharon Peters says: hey cool, one of my class wikis is on the educational wikis site!


[12:12:40 PM] Joseph Miller says: odeo is a tool he is mentioning


[12:12:40 PM] Bud Hunt says: cool, sharon


[12:12:41 PM] vjansen07 says: tks


[12:13:00 PM] Bud Hunt says: Darren's sharing some sample audio he created at Odeo.com


[12:13:14 PM] Bud Hunt says: It's a web-based podcast recording and publication solution.


[12:13:27 PM] Bud Hunt says: Embeddable into a website, too.


[12:13:34 PM] vjansen07 says: great Sharon


[12:13:59 PM] Joseph Miller says: District podcast...1 episode "series".  We are working hard to do more.  http://www.acsd14.k12.co.us/index.asp?page=podcast


[12:14:08 PM] Joseph Miller says: audacity is a tool being mentioned


[12:14:08 PM] Bud Hunt says: Darren's favorite (and mine, too) is Audacity.


[12:14:16 PM] Sharon Peters says: audacity rocks


[12:14:17 PM] Bud Hunt says: http://audacity.sourceforge.net


[12:14:26 PM] Sharon Peters says: how can you beat free and easy to use?


[12:14:26 PM] Bud Hunt says: Totally free sound recording and editing tool


[12:14:29 PM] Durff says: yup audacity


[12:14:42 PM] *** penny.j.bortner left this chat




[12:14:47 PM] Sharon Peters says: my students even found it easy - they enjoyed being the sound editor


[12:15:02 PM] Durff says: yes


[12:15:08 PM] Bud Hunt says: We used audacity for our digital storytelling projects


[12:15:10 PM] Durff says: they talk better than write


[12:15:11 PM] Bud Hunt says: it's pretty handy


[12:15:26 PM] Durff says: we did too bud


[12:15:28 PM] Joseph Miller says: Chilton Foley Reynolds from Hanson has used Audacity to create these student recordings: http://schoolweb.acsd14.k12.co.us/Hanson/StudentMusicProjects.htm


[12:15:41 PM] Bud Hunt says: Showing a tutorial from Ourmedia on using Audacity.


[12:15:50 PM] Bud Hunt says: search "audacity" at ourmedia.org to find it.


[12:15:53 PM] Durff says: i have evoca


[12:16:03 PM] Durff says: it is more like a voicemail


[12:16:13 PM] Durff says: or answering machine


[12:16:22 PM] Durff says: than podcasting


[12:16:23 PM] Bud Hunt says: still listening to the tutorial video.


[12:16:44 PM] Sharon Peters says: yes, have used audacity for digital story-telling, for interviews (fictional and real) and the like


[12:16:47 PM] Durff says: he doesn't include Yackpack


[12:16:58 PM] Bud Hunt says: I do all the post-production on my podcast with audacity.


[12:17:15 PM] Durff says: yea - kids do too


[12:17:52 PM] Sharon Peters says: someone over at webcast academy has asked the question if anyone knows how to install LAME on a intel mac? I am interested too - would you know, Bud?


[12:18:15 PM] Bud Hunt says: hmm .  .. I think I do.  Give me a sec?


[12:18:20 PM] Durff says: they probably need to unzip it


[12:18:31 PM] Joseph Miller says: rmedia is another tool he is mentioning


[12:18:46 PM] Sharon Peters says: thanks Bud


[12:18:49 PM] Bud Hunt says: ourmedia.org  Free hosting forever.


[12:18:56 PM] Joseph Miller says: oh, ourmedia


[12:18:58 PM] Bud Hunt says: They're super, if a little tricky to figure out.


[12:20:08 PM] Durff says: ooo- Voicethread!


[12:20:27 PM] Bud Hunt says: Darren's discussing the smartboard podcast


[12:21:45 PM] Bud Hunt says: sharing tons of podcast links


[12:21:48 PM] Bud Hunt says: timer went off


[12:21:56 PM] Bud Hunt says: he's still discussing podcasting


[12:22:08 PM] Sharon Peters says: bad on him!


[12:22:10 PM] Joseph Miller says: ask a ninj


[12:22:11 PM] Bud Hunt says: about to show ask a ninja


[12:22:12 PM] Joseph Miller says: NINJA


[12:22:20 PM] Sharon Peters says: ask a ninja??


[12:22:23 PM] Durff says: i didn't like it


[12:22:24 PM] Bud Hunt says: podcasting is apple pies and hippos, I think.


[12:22:26 PM] Bud Hunt says: good stuff


[12:22:51 PM] Bud Hunt says: http://www.askaninja.com/news/2006/03/07/special-delivery-1-what-is-podcasting


[12:23:02 PM] Dave Tarwater says: video is what is podcasting with ninja actors


[12:23:27 PM] Sharon Peters says: very funny


[12:23:32 PM] Bud Hunt says: ask a ninja is a great video podcast


[12:23:39 PM] Sharon Peters says: gotta love grassroots video


[12:23:49 PM] Bud Hunt says: podcasting is apple pie for whales.


[12:24:00 PM] Bud Hunt says: Factory produces apple pie for whales.  That's podcasting.


[12:25:08 PM] Sharon Peters says: it would be fun to give this video to students and then ask them to produce a similar video about.... rss feeds, or another emerging technology


[12:25:28 PM] Sharon Peters says: my students would have a ball with that!


[12:25:30 PM] wrobinson72 says: The ninja woke me up a bit, but I am suffering from website/tool/uberstuff overload.  Still, it's all good.


[12:25:41 PM] Bud Hunt says: a teacher in virginia - Tom Woodward, I think - did some tech help videos for his school as the Ask a Ninja character.


[12:25:48 PM] Durff says: falling asleep?


[12:25:50 PM] Bud Hunt says: discussing RSS to Javascript now -- different tools


[12:25:52 PM] Joseph Miller says: yeah, overload


[12:26:00 PM] Joseph Miller says: you have afternoon to play


[12:26:29 PM] wrobinson72 says: Darren is impressive- I'll have to rewind his informtation attack to get it all


[12:26:56 PM] Durff says: do you think he is overloading anyone?


[12:27:03 PM] Bud Hunt says: Sharon - Here's the lame for Intel Macs: http://spaghetticode.org/lame/


[12:27:06 PM] Sharon Peters says: but more important to go out there try a few tools, then use them with your students - don't have to do everything at once!


[12:27:19 PM] Bud Hunt says: It's different from the other Lame that I use - but it can be added to the application via the preferences window.


[12:27:19 PM] Sharon Peters says: thanks Bud - will post in webcast academy chat


[12:27:24 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://whiplash.pbwiki.com/The+Cool+and+The+Uber+Cool+of+Online+Tools


[12:27:29 PM] Durff says: but do others realise that sharon?


[12:27:32 PM] Bud Hunt says: hopeit works


[12:27:46 PM] Dave Tarwater says: we all have lots to practice and digest, I am keeping in mind that I will pick and choose what I want to be an expert at now and save many for later life-long learning


[12:28:09 PM] Durff says: that is what i do


[12:28:16 PM] Durff says: one thing at a time


[12:28:24 PM] Bud Hunt says: oh yeah -- lots of tools for y'all -- figure out the ones that you need, lay aside the ones you don't -- until you have a need.


[12:28:45 PM] Sharon Peters says: exactly, be aware of the tools, but find your needs first, then choose tool


[12:29:25 PM] Dave Tarwater says: just in time learning is where it's at


[12:29:26 PM] Joseph Miller says: google docs are being covered right now


[12:29:42 PM] Sharon Peters says: interesting that he prefers flock over FF


[12:29:58 PM] Emily Taylor says: I like to play around with the tools, so I'm a bit familiar, and then can pick and choose my tools with a little more understanding of them and how I could use them.


[12:30:04 PM] Bud Hunt says: I hate flock.  but that's not important.


[12:30:08 PM] Sharon Peters says: good approach Emily


[12:30:10 PM] Durff says: JotLive is discontinued


[12:30:10 PM] Bud Hunt says: Exactly, emily -- that's just the ticket.


[12:30:28 PM] Sharon Peters says: I have heard of some moving to flock, then back to FF


[12:30:53 PM] Bud Hunt says: I couldn't stand it -- but it is useful for uploading photos to flickr from a mac


[12:31:04 PM] vjansen07 says: just in time learning yes..but must examine the process too


[12:31:05 PM] Bud Hunt says: discussing flickr now


[12:31:13 PM] Durff says: Jott is cool


[12:31:15 PM] Bud Hunt says: gang - it's been a pleasure - but I've got to run


[12:31:19 PM] Durff says: very useful


[12:31:22 PM] Emily Taylor says: I think we also gravitate towards tools that work to meet our own needs and interests


[12:31:24 PM] Bud Hunt says: can someone e;se captain the end?


[12:31:25 PM] Joseph Miller says: see ya' Bud


[12:31:27 PM] Bud Hunt says: oops - else


[12:31:43 PM] Bud Hunt says: nice to join in on y'all's work -- I hope our districts can collaborate in the future!


[12:31:45 PM] Sharon Peters says: great to see you Bud - thx for all the help


[12:31:52 PM] Bud Hunt says: you, too, Sharon


[12:32:05 PM] Bud Hunt says: Tell Darren hello for me!


[12:32:08 PM] vjansen07 says: thanks Bud...


[12:32:57 PM] Joseph Miller says: use the creative commons search in Flickr


[12:33:10 PM] Joseph Miller says: Flickr tools  open API (allows mashups)


[12:33:21 PM] Joseph Miller says: spell with flickr


[12:33:28 PM] Durff says: does this workshop have a Voicethread?


[12:33:51 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://metaatem.net/words/


[12:34:47 PM] Joseph Miller says: change the code on the wiki to use the spell with flickr


[12:34:57 PM] vjansen07 says: speaking of mashups try this...http://freeearth.poly9.com/ on the right you will see 3d versions of twitter and flickr


[12:34:57 PM] Sharon Peters says: Is Bud gone? Dave Cormier thanked him for help and said "Bud is the lame expert"


[12:35:04 PM] vjansen07 says: http://freeearth.poly9.com/


[12:35:07 PM] Sharon Peters says: (LOL to Dave C.)


[12:35:29 PM] Durff says: so, we're saying i could use code to translate a wiki from english to spanish?


[12:36:21 PM] Sharon Peters says: Vince, what is the one that Ewan M showed us at BLC?


[12:36:45 PM] Joseph Miller says: egg timer has gone off


[12:36:51 PM] Joseph Miller says: whiplash!


[12:37:14 PM] Joseph Miller says: voicethread is the next topic


[12:37:31 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://voicethread.com/


[12:37:57 PM] Sharon Peters says: am liking the ufo maps


[12:38:03 PM] Joseph Miller says: students recording reactions to pictures


[12:38:22 PM] vjansen07 says: http://www.wefeelfine.org/  that one


[12:38:45 PM] Sharon Peters says: that's a mashup too, right? wefeelfine?


[12:39:07 PM] vjansen07 says: not sure actually...


[12:39:16 PM] Joseph Miller says: lunch break


[12:39:16 PM] Sharon Peters says: it has an API


[12:39:26 PM] Joseph Miller says: see you all in 60 minutes


[12:39:32 PM] Joseph Miller says: slow down this afternoon


[12:39:40 PM] Sharon Peters says: my neck feels fine - how is everyone else?


[12:39:41 PM] Durff says: never


[12:39:54 PM] Durff says: what are you serving?


[12:40:01 PM] Durff says: i want some


[12:40:08 PM] vjansen07 says: gotta run folks.. thanks


[12:40:43 PM] Sharon Peters says: bye everyone


[12:41:24 PM] Durff says: bye

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