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What Can I Do Now That I Couldn't Do Before

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Your Homework

Review the chatcast below then answer the questions here. You can edit the wiki by clicking on the blue EDIT PAGE button near the top left corner of this page. If you don't see the EDIT PAGE button it is because you are not logged in. Log in by clicking on the log in link near the top right corner of this page.


What were the "Big Ideas" discussed in this session?

Interactive tools allow students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. Use the technology that we have been "fighting" as a tool to engage students in learning.  Students are capable of things that we may not believe they are.  Keep pushing the envelope.  Correct use of this technology like flickr and wikis can make thinking transparent to the teacher and can give us more information than some traditional assessment methods.


What were the "Takeaways" for you?

 If I am working too hard on something, the students should be doing it.  Letting them be responsible for scoring rubrics produces really meaningful conversations and students can participate or not--ultimately it will be what they are graded on so it is left to them. This technology that bridges the distance between remote learners and remote learning opportunities will truly help us develop global learning communities in our classes.


Students can be responsible for their learning  by using technology that is meaningful and fun for them.  It is a learning experience for both student and teacher because there are so many technology tools that students can use to help them learn even students who are having difficulties.


What questions do you have as a result of this session that you would like answered?

 How do we delicately balance the fact that not everyone has access to the same technology? How do we balance the incorporation and encouragement of technology when the administration is banning electronic devices in the classroom (based on what us teachers have asked them to do)?

 How do teachers monitor the use of the cell phones to make sure that they're doing what they are suppose to do?

What about students who don't have access to these technology tools?




[8:47:29 AM] *** Jeff Lewis added Darren Kuropatwa, jeremyschriner to this chat




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[8:48:01 AM] Dave Tarwater says: Did you read about the federal judge indiscretions in today's paper?


[8:48:03 AM] *** Tonia Johnson added Fred Kreienkamp to this chat




[8:48:22 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Morin' folks!


[8:48:24 AM] Jeff Lewis says: The jogging?


[8:48:33 AM] Jesse William Brown says: Hello everyone


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[8:51:49 AM] Tonia Johnson says: john are you here now?


[8:52:34 AM] John Protsman says: yeah sweet


[8:53:58 AM] Jon Fisher says: I'm interested in learning about using skype with a webcam and a shared whiteboard.


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[8:58:19 AM] Andrew Palmer says: hi


[8:58:19 AM] Carrie Brunelli says: Good morning!


[8:58:21 AM] regina.b.stewart says: hi


[8:58:23 AM] Fred Kreienkamp says: Good morning!


[8:58:26 AM] Wesley Robinson says: guten morgen


[8:58:26 AM] Penny J.  Bortner says: Good morning too.


[8:58:28 AM] Jesse William Brown says: good morning all ya'll


[8:58:28 AM] Jennifer Svihlik says: Good morning!


[8:58:32 AM] Emily Taylor says: hello!


[8:58:35 AM] John Protsman says: G'day


[8:58:37 AM] Dave Tarwater says: Good Morning all


[8:58:40 AM] Jill Minzak says: good morning


[8:58:41 AM] Tonia Johnson says: good morning


[8:58:49 AM] Bud Hunt says: mornin' y'all!


[8:58:53 AM] callie.brownlee says: Good Morning :)


[8:58:59 AM] Jeremy Schriner says: Good mornin


[8:59:07 AM] Joseph Miller says: hello


[8:59:35 AM] Bud Hunt says: Looking forward to learning from everyone today.


[9:00:38 AM] Wesley Robinson says: how do we see the chat from yesterday (because our chat history recorded it, right?)


[9:02:08 AM] Kathy Littlejohn says: Good morning


[9:02:10 AM] *** Carrie Brunelli added conniel.vigil to this chat




[9:02:35 AM] Jeff Lewis says: good morning


[9:03:30 AM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: @ Wesley, http://acsd14.pbwiki.com/ then click on 9:45 Learning the Guitar


[9:03:41 AM] conniel.vigil says: good morning to you, too


[9:04:01 AM] Bud Hunt says: I think it depends on your skype settings as to what keeps in your chat archive, Wesley.


[9:04:17 AM] Wesley Robinson says: I have found it- thanks!


[9:05:01 AM] conniel.vigil says: good morning


[9:06:45 AM] *** Bud Hunt added Claudia Ceraso to this chat




[9:08:33 AM] Bud Hunt says: Will be interesting to participate without audio this ime,


[9:08:39 AM] Bud Hunt says: oops - time.


[9:08:49 AM] Claudia Ceraso says: No problem


[9:09:05 AM] Claudia Ceraso says: I'll be here, just a bit busy, but try to participate.


[9:09:39 AM] Jon Fisher says: Here's some interesting ideas on improving twitter:


[9:09:40 AM] Jon Fisher says: http://www.webware.com/8301-1_109-9697006-2.html


[9:10:34 AM] Dave Tarwater says: has anyone encountered a problem getting on


[9:11:07 AM] conniel.vigil sent file "Macromedia Contribute 3.lnk" to members of this chat




[9:11:24 AM] *** Jeff Lewis added Durff to this chat




[9:12:04 AM] Jesse William Brown says: I cannot seem to connect to the wikis.


[9:12:09 AM] Durff says: thanks


[9:13:13 AM] Durff says: i think PBwiki is offline


[9:13:24 AM] Durff says: i can't get in either


[9:13:43 AM] Durff says: are there too many people in it?


[9:14:05 AM] Regina Stewart says: Darren is uploading a photo of us on Flickr (cool background music)


[9:14:12 AM] Durff says: ah


[9:14:17 AM] Carrie Brunelli says: I can't get on acsd pbwiki site or whiplash, anyone else have this problem?


[9:14:27 AM] Durff says: yup


[9:14:29 AM] Bud Hunt says: pbwiki seems stuck.


[9:14:32 AM] Penny J.  Bortner says: I'll try it.


[9:14:35 AM] Bud Hunt says: should be up in a moment


[9:14:37 AM] Emily Taylor says: I just tried to edit the Wiki and failed...


[9:14:42 AM] Bud Hunt says: (fingers crossed as he says that)


[9:14:44 AM] Durff says: me too


[9:14:55 AM] Durff says: fix it bud


[9:15:12 AM] Jeff Lewis says: watch it, do it, teach it.  (I do, we do, you do)


[9:15:32 AM] Durff says: we all do


[9:15:38 AM] Andrew Palmer says: yeah, teaching IS the best learning


[9:15:43 AM] Bud Hunt says: I've e-mailed the company.


[9:15:43 AM] Durff says: it is


[9:15:51 AM] Bud Hunt says: they're good about getting back to folks


[9:15:53 AM] Durff says: thank you bud


[9:16:04 AM] Regina Stewart says: Technology can make the thinking transparent to teachers


[9:16:23 AM] Durff says: yes - like checking the history


[9:16:28 AM] Durff says: on a wiki


[9:16:43 AM] Durff says: and chat history


[9:17:18 AM] Joseph Miller says: I wonder how we talk to students about chatcasting...I understand Terry has written a manual


[9:17:42 AM] Joseph Miller says: should we ditch cell phones from school?


[9:17:43 AM] Durff says: K12 i think i need to scaffold into it


[9:17:55 AM] John Protsman says: Create an RSS from online work with a tag - example pcw2007


[9:17:58 AM] Regina Stewart says: questions at the level of remembering aren't interesting anymore since we can google it


[9:18:00 AM] Durff says: but college should jump right in


[9:18:24 AM] Regina Stewart says: use cellphones for educations????!!!!??!  Crazy talk


[9:18:26 AM] John Protsman says: So the work must be in a web page that allows for RSS?


[9:18:30 AM] Tonia Johnson says: what would admin say if we had them using their cell phones?


[9:18:35 AM] Durff says: exactly einstein didn't know his phone #


[9:18:39 AM] Andrew Palmer says: higher order thinking skills - creating projects using learning material


[9:18:46 AM] Bud Hunt says: What about the students who don't have cell phones?


[9:18:51 AM] Bud Hunt says: (just being the devil's advocate)


[9:18:51 AM] Durff says: i use skype w/ parents


[9:18:59 AM] Joseph Miller says: Mark Prentsky has some interesting idea for using cell phones to collect a datasets and then work on graphing


[9:19:04 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @ bud we have digital cameras?


[9:19:07 AM] Regina Stewart says: They use their friends' cell phones


[9:19:08 AM] Wesley Robinson says: There would be no quicker way to show the 'haves' and have nots' in my classroom then to say "who has a cellphone?" (5th grade)


[9:19:14 AM] Durff says: there are reminders on your phone via RSS for hw


[9:19:17 AM] Andrew Palmer says: our district has video ipods as well for student use


[9:19:22 AM] Jeff Lewis says: @Durff, how do you use Skype with parents?


[9:19:40 AM] Emily Taylor says: @John, I think the unique tag that goes along with all online work is searchable by RSS and gathers it all together easily.


[9:19:42 AM] Durff says: i have it on the laptop


[9:19:52 AM] Durff says: most don't have skype


[9:20:02 AM] Durff says: but i can use SMS or call them


[9:20:07 AM] conniel.vigil says: How about the monitoring of the phones?  Are they doing what they're suppose to do?


[9:20:10 AM] Bud Hunt says: technically, RSS can't search anything - but it's an output format that a search engine can spit out your results in.


[9:20:12 AM] Durff says: right when i need them


[9:20:45 AM] John Protsman says: @emily, but where does that work go? is it only wiki, flickr, and other similar webpages or can we use google docs too?


[9:20:48 AM] Andrew Palmer says: is there a website that you can give in a website and it spits out an RSS formatted page?


[9:20:50 AM] Durff says: i have some parents on Meebo always there


[9:20:51 AM] Joseph Miller says: are we doing what are supposed to do on Skype?


[9:20:53 AM] Durff says: the kids hate it


[9:21:06 AM] Bud Hunt says: re: monitoring: I wonder about the kids who are spacing out - how do we monitor them?  Brain probes?  or, do we just accept that some folks will get off track and not want to participate, and we can only do so much to make sure that they stay engaged?


[9:21:06 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @durff Meebo?


[9:21:19 AM] Durff says: feedburner andrew?


[9:21:24 AM] Durff says: Meebo.com


[9:21:26 AM] Bud Hunt says: is someone updating us on what's being discussed in the room?


[9:21:38 AM] Durff says: brings all the IMS together in one place


[9:21:46 AM] Bud Hunt says: Feedburner doesn't do that - but some other sites do - just a moment


[9:21:49 AM] Tonia Johnson says: talking about flickr projects with students


[9:21:55 AM] Durff says: Feedity?


[9:22:15 AM] Durff says: flickr is censored in Europe


[9:22:27 AM] Joseph Miller says: galleries of thought


[9:22:53 AM] Joseph Miller says: many school districts block flickr


[9:22:57 AM] Durff says: tapping another intelligence


[9:23:05 AM] Andrew Palmer says: the tag feature of flickr is very powerful in connecting photos to deep learning


[9:23:12 AM] Durff says: could use another


[9:23:16 AM] Bud Hunt says: yep - feedity.com is one that will create an RSS feed to update you about changes to static webpages.


[9:23:31 AM] Andrew Palmer says: ah, thank you Bud


[9:23:38 AM] Andrew Palmer says: I will look that up tonight


[9:23:57 AM] Bud Hunt says: thank durff - she told me about it -


[9:24:02 AM] Bud Hunt says: you're welcome


[9:24:04 AM] Durff says: shhh!


[9:24:19 AM] Tonia Johnson says: dave wikied his number


[9:24:36 AM] Durff says: his cell phone?


[9:24:38 AM] Regina Stewart says: googled his number


[9:24:50 AM] Durff says: won't that be expensive?


[9:24:56 AM] Durff says: oh


[9:24:59 AM] John Protsman says: @regina what did you get?


[9:29:38 AM] Regina Stewart says: wasn't working on it


[9:29:46 AM] Durff says: anyone ever use community walk?


[9:29:59 AM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: No, never heard of it.


[9:30:19 AM] Durff says: http://www.communitywalk.com/


[9:30:29 AM] Regina Stewart says: Darren sharing how students used cell phone to get pictures of things around them that reflect trig


[9:30:44 AM] Durff says: yess, but


[9:30:59 AM] Durff says: there is often a price, a cost


[9:31:16 AM] Durff says: to accessing the web through the cell phone


[9:31:26 AM] Durff says: and it upsets parents


[9:31:46 AM] John Protsman says: some phones have SD cards that can be removed and put into a computer or SD drive on a computer


[9:31:50 AM] Bud Hunt says: but making it an option is an, um option.


[9:31:52 AM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: @mrsdurff - community walk is great. We teach our first graders a mapping unit! Will definitely be looking more into this!


[9:31:56 AM] Durff says: until tjis access is free...


[9:31:59 AM] Regina Stewart says: parents will fight for their kids to have access to cell phones in school because they like being able to get ahold of them instantly


[9:32:15 AM] Joseph Miller says: it is the publishing online that creates the gellery of thought


[9:32:26 AM] Jon Fisher says: This would be a great way for students to share their learning on a field trip: upload and tag their photos so that they could be pulled together by an aggregator.


[9:32:28 AM] Durff says: Lulu?


[9:33:27 AM] Joseph Miller says: voicethread too for field trips


[9:33:42 AM] Durff says: that is a good one


[9:33:48 AM] Regina Stewart says: What would be the best way to find mentors?


[9:33:52 AM] Durff says: bubbleshare too


[9:34:01 AM] Durff says: mentors for ?


[9:34:33 AM] Regina Stewart says: mentors for classes that can interact over the web with students


[9:34:40 AM] Bud Hunt says: @regina: Start with your parents, your teachers, and the people you already know


[9:34:50 AM] Bud Hunt says: bring in your local community first - and build out from there


[9:34:58 AM] Joseph Miller says: discussing the mechanics of a class assignment using google docs shared


[9:35:01 AM] Durff says: depends...classblogmeister has a tab for this


[9:35:14 AM] John Protsman says: online identities must protect the student but allow for the teacher and classmates to know who is who? Or do we have a list to refer back to?


[9:35:19 AM] Durff says: i started there


[9:35:56 AM] Durff says: i make kids use initials


[9:36:08 AM] Andrew Palmer says: maybe student ID numbers as email addresses?


[9:36:10 AM] Durff says: but everyone knows who i am


[9:36:14 AM] Joseph Miller says: ACSD14 high teachers...interesting issue: all students are getting an email this year *****@adams14schools.org.  Not sure what the name is going to be


[9:36:23 AM] Durff says: we don't have email


[9:36:26 AM] Regina Stewart says: students use googledocs to make scoring rubric


[9:36:42 AM] Bud Hunt says: @joesph: How are you doing that?  In house?  First Class?  Google Apps?


[9:36:46 AM] Joseph Miller says: Google


[9:36:53 AM] Durff says: i think wikispaces is easier


[9:36:54 AM] Emily Taylor says: I'd love my third graders to have emails too!  Whats the best way for that to happen?


[9:37:11 AM] Durff says: gaggle


[9:37:18 AM] Joseph Miller says: @Emily let's chat offline


[9:37:19 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @Joe how's it looking for students to have google accoungs


[9:37:23 AM] Durff says: i think gaggle.net


[9:37:29 AM] Emily Taylor says: @joe, okay!


[9:37:41 AM] Bud Hunt says: there're all sorts of issues with elementary e-mails, unfortunately


[9:37:49 AM] Bud Hunt says: i hope y'all can sort them out for us!


[9:37:50 AM] Joseph Miller says: when students register Chris L is setting them up with a google email, docs, etcc


[9:37:57 AM] Durff says: yes but gaggle is moderated


[9:38:23 AM] Durff says: when we used wikispaces - some use my email


[9:38:29 AM] Bud Hunt says: it's also a pain in terms of interface, access, cost.


[9:38:36 AM] Joseph Miller says: Google has the ability to send to a local server too


[9:38:42 AM] Bud Hunt says: so it looks like y'all are using Google apps.


[9:38:45 AM] Bud Hunt says: cool


[9:38:45 AM] Durff says: then i just changed the password when we were done


[9:38:51 AM] Bud Hunt says: i hope it works well for you.


[9:39:04 AM] Joseph Miller says: Google gives this service free to school districts


[9:39:35 AM] Joseph Miller says: Northwestern University only uses Google for their students.  1GB of storage


[9:39:35 AM] callie.brownlee says: My thought too, regarding students without cell phones. What about the students that have phones without the camera? Will teachers get a set og 30 for their classrooms? :D


[9:39:58 AM] Durff says: i wish


[9:40:12 AM] Durff says: even i don't have a camera


[9:41:54 AM] Dave Tarwater says: but do all the students in Science Lab have their own microscope???


[9:42:14 AM] Durff says: we have 10 - that i bought


[9:42:18 AM] Durff says: we are poor


[9:43:02 AM] Bud Hunt says: @Dave: No, but every kid in the band has his or her own instrument.  (Although I agree with you that every student doesn't need a camera - one or two in my classroom have sufficed for my needs.)


[9:43:26 AM] Durff says: but band kids rent those instruments


[9:43:39 AM] Durff says: why not rent cell phones?


[9:43:56 AM] Andrew Palmer says: I love that he has recorded comments from his actual students on the various assignments


[9:44:09 AM] Jill Minzak says: me too


[9:44:13 AM] Andrew Palmer says: what they liked, what was difficult for them, etc


[9:45:00 AM] Joseph Miller says: what about video?  tons of miniDV cams in this district.  also 2 m-audio field recorders


[9:45:28 AM] callie.brownlee says: I like that, "Make learning sticky"


[9:46:04 AM] Bud Hunt says: video's great - and you can make some pretty compelling videos using still images


[9:46:08 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @they want to be challenged!!! I have a theory that we have behavior issues not becuase thier bad or poor studnets, but because we do not give them enough credit...things like this give them opportunities to learn in the ways we usually reserve for the "smart" kids


[9:46:40 AM] Jon Fisher says: Interesting thought Tonia!


[9:46:44 AM] Bud Hunt says: photo story is a free windows program that you can use for creating cool movies, as is Windows MovieMaker.  Apple's version is iMovie - and that's free, too.


[9:46:49 AM] Bud Hunt says: @Tonia - right on!


[9:46:50 AM] Durff says: my classes ar full of only smart kids


[9:47:07 AM] Durff says: it's up to me to find how they are smart and show them


[9:47:11 AM] Joseph Miller says: Darren's kids are thinking calc at Red Hot Chili Peppers concert?  Holy cow!


[9:47:20 AM] Jon Fisher says: I like the way this assignment allowed the students to make learning connections that were relevant to them.


[9:47:24 AM] Durff says: now that is cool!


[9:47:43 AM] Tonia Johnson says: talk about making the learning real


[9:47:54 AM] Durff says: best practices


[9:47:55 AM] Jon Fisher says: I can hear the students metacognition.


[9:49:25 AM] Andrew Palmer says: yeah, connections, connections, connections really make the learning real


[9:49:29 AM] Penny J.  Bortner says: If it's not relevant..or silly...forget it.


[9:49:51 AM] Durff says: creativity, collaboration too


[9:50:14 AM] Bud Hunt says: The trick, sometimes, is linking the relevancy to the content - should we teach only what's relevant to students today, or what's relevant to them in the future?  (Loaded question - obviously it's the latter - but that's the balancing act we've got to do.)


[9:50:27 AM] callie.brownlee says: Creating student work galleries is a great idea.


[9:50:31 AM] Jeff Lewis says: @tdeaguero, are you on this chatcast?


[9:50:37 AM] Durff says: content is not relevant


[9:50:45 AM] Penny J.  Bortner says: We need to teach students to be able to think for themselves..not do it for them.


[9:50:55 AM] Durff says: skills/strategies are relevant


[9:51:26 AM] Durff says: which skills do we need to faciliatate?


[9:51:55 AM] John Protsman says: critical thinking


[9:52:04 AM] Durff says: and?


[9:52:05 AM] Bud Hunt says: @durff: Content isn't relevant?  Explain, please.


[9:52:18 AM] Durff says: content meaning facts


[9:52:27 AM] Bud Hunt says: go on . . .


[9:52:44 AM] Durff says: knowing when the war of 1812 took place is not relevant


[9:52:48 AM] John Protsman says: that's really the skill we're talking about.  Can we get the kids to learn the content we ask of them b/c of state testing and then be able to apply that learning to the outside world which looks NOTHING like our classrooms


[9:53:09 AM] Durff says: but possessing the skills to avoid another is relevant


[9:53:26 AM] John Protsman says: Technology Entertainment and Design conference ted.com


[9:53:31 AM] Bud Hunt says: @John - well said.


[9:53:40 AM] Bud Hunt says: TED's great - wil eat your time, but you'll be smarter as a result.


[9:53:57 AM] Durff says: Ken Robinson's is wow!


[9:53:58 AM] Penny J.  Bortner says: If there is a 5 minute university...how may minutes in high school...middle school..elem..


[9:54:19 AM] Bud Hunt says: Durff -- I think plenty of facts are relevant - knowing, for example that you will die if you ingest too much alcohol.  That's a fact that's pretty relevant to many of my former students.


[9:54:32 AM] Durff says: more is ele....crucial foundations are laid


[9:54:39 AM] Fred Kreienkamp says: Schools have often treated cell phones like guns. They are completely off limits. Kids would be riveted to any lesson that incorporates phones in a productive way.


[9:55:08 AM] Wesley Robinson says: The most challenging part of my 5th graders CSAP test was the math portion, where so much depended on innovative ways to solve problems and explain thinking- not just reguritate class memorization- I think these sort of tech tools can give students this creative thinking


[9:55:31 AM] Tonia Johnson says: well said Fred...it seems that they are unknown and scary for us...they're disruptive...but the great teacher's I


[9:55:36 AM] Durff says: @Bud but isn't it more relevant to know the underlying concept so it can be applied to other poisons as well?


[9:55:49 AM] Jeff Lewis says: Wesley, Science as well.  Critical thinking skills are key


[9:55:52 AM] Tonia Johnson says: ..I've had capture that energy and make it a learning experience


[9:56:33 AM] Durff says: @Bud like protein overload?


[9:57:49 AM] Wesley Robinson says: Um...(to play Devil's advocate) why not just read the paper version?


[9:58:01 AM] Wesley Robinson says: refering to the video we're wathcing


[9:58:18 AM] Regina Stewart says: They feel successful at using their cell phones.  Anything that you ask them to do that they REALLY BELIEVE that they can do it, then they will do it at try to excel.


[9:58:21 AM] Durff says: isn't video more engaging?


[9:58:59 AM] Wesley Robinson says: yes, it is engaging...but isn't part of that engagement a sense of novelty?


[9:59:16 AM] Durff says: or one can have them text the answer to a set to the teacher (anticipatory set)


[9:59:43 AM] Durff says: again SMS often costs $


[10:00:06 AM] Jon Fisher says: For kids that can't type they could use jott to contribute text to a learning project.


[10:00:07 AM] John Protsman says: Wikis have two purposes 1) orginal content and 2) modification of pre-existing content


[10:00:52 AM] Durff says: what about continuing content, like 1001 Tales project?


[10:00:56 AM] Joseph Miller says: www.vyew.com is an interactive space where students could draw on a doc.  if done on a smartboard they could save it.  online collaboration that is


[10:01:05 AM] Durff says: i guess that is #2


[10:01:32 AM] Jeremy Schriner says: I found an amazing article on TED about how the brain works.


[10:01:46 AM] Durff says: the jungle


[10:02:00 AM] Joseph Miller says: check EO Wilson's talk and Sir Robinson


[10:02:33 AM] Durff says: doesn't vyew cost $?


[10:02:40 AM] Joseph Miller says: no


[10:02:57 AM] Joseph Miller says: well, it might at some level, but I have only used the free version


[10:03:00 AM] Durff says: http://vyew.com/content/Prices


[10:03:34 AM] Durff says: have you seen Flashmeeting?


[10:03:53 AM] Joseph Miller says: no


[10:04:00 AM] Joseph Miller says: I'll look now


[10:04:08 AM] Durff says: free app like Elluminate


[10:04:14 AM] Durff says: with pics


[10:04:35 AM] Durff says: the whiteboard, the mic...


[10:04:42 AM] Joseph Miller says: better than elluminate?


[10:04:50 AM] Wesley Robinson says: good  question Anatoly


[10:05:06 AM] Andrew Palmer says: looks like pbwiki is down.. anyone have any luck yet?


[10:05:08 AM] Durff says: i don't know if i would say better


[10:05:11 AM] Joseph Miller says: Darren is discussing a normal day in his class.


[10:05:25 AM] Durff says: i think th adobe is best


[10:07:17 AM] Durff says: AdobeConnect


[10:08:02 AM] Dave Tarwater says: try refreshing the page


[10:08:03 AM] Jon Fisher says: I think the whiteboard sharing function of view might be a good tool for online colaboration with a remote class partner through epals.


[10:08:16 AM] Durff says: Skype has one


[10:09:48 AM] *** Jeff Lewis has updated the chat guidelines




[10:15:23 AM] Wesley Robinson says: what makes the wiki worth $250?  Why does it have that vlaue?


[10:15:37 AM] John Protsman says: hmwk post a pic in wiki - post pic in flickr w/ tags acsd14, wikigiveaway


[10:15:43 AM] Durff says: I guess in Google Docs I can't make folders within folders?


[10:16:11 AM] Joseph Miller says: what does it mean to change chat guidelines?


[10:16:13 AM] John Protsman says: 2) create free pbwiki put your pic on wiki include descrip and link back and forth


[10:16:32 AM] Tonia Johnson says: break


[10:16:38 AM] John Protsman says: look at http://acsd14.pbwiki.com/ for details and more info


[10:17:45 AM] Durff says: oh we're in!


[10:19:19 AM] *** tdeaguero is using a version of Skype which doesn't support chats and cannot join




[10:19:23 AM] Durff says: ooh no not again...


[10:23:54 AM] Joseph Miller says: back in 8 minutes


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