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Tear Down the Walls

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It seems I've lost the chatcast for this session. If anyone has it please paste it in here. The password to edit the wiki is: adams14


It just occured to me, the chatcast begins in the next session. At this point in the morning we hadn't yet started chatcasting. But there is this video from YouTube:


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That was the first 6 minutes or so. This is the first hour. The first 6 minutes here are inaudible so listen to the video above first.


Between the 20 and 35 minute marks things seem to go a little off the rails. That's because we were getting everyone connected in skype and participating in the chatcast. The 20+ people in the room had never done this before. Terry Freedman was leading the chat (as Captain) from London, England and we had other remote participants from Argentina, Canada and across the USA. That we managed to get everyone on board in 15 minutes was quite an accomplishment. It also demonstrates how quickly people can learn when they want to. ;-)


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