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Rip, Mix, Learn

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Your Homework

Review the chatcast below then answer the questions here. You can edit the wiki by clicking on the blue EDIT PAGE button near the top left corner of this page. If you don't see the EDIT PAGE button it is because you are not logged in. Log in by clicking on the log in link near the top right corner of this page.


What were the "Big Ideas" discussed in this session?



What were the "Takeaways" for you?



What questions do you have as a result of this session that you would like answered?






 This session will not be chatcast. The purpose is to provide hands-on individualized exploration and familiarization. Then again it might. It's not really my decision, is it? ;-)


And so we see, it wasn't my decision. The group continued the chatcsast. Here it is. As you see, I've pasted the homework questions above.


[1:49:58 PM] Joseph Miller says: I think we are coming back later


[1:50:09 PM] Joseph Miller says: for more discussion


[1:50:29 PM] Tonia Johnson says: can everyone in the class put up their twitter name so we can add eachother?


[1:52:04 PM] Andrew Palmer says: acpalmer


[1:52:35 PM] Terry Freedman says: log in is adams 14


[1:52:53 PM] Terry Freedman says: terryfreedman


[1:53:00 PM] Regina Stewart says: rstewart


[1:55:53 PM] wrobinson72 says: wrobinson


[1:57:34 PM] Joseph Miller says: millerjtx


[1:57:35 PM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: kjschwic


[1:58:36 PM] Emily Taylor says: ectaylor


[2:01:06 PM] Tonia Johnson says: toniajohnson


[2:02:52 PM] Jon Fisher says: jgfisher


[2:04:57 PM] Sharon Peters says: speters


[2:05:32 PM] wrobinson72 says: How do you invite/follow without an email address on Twitter?  Thanks


[2:05:40 PM] Jeff Lewis says: jefflewis


[2:05:56 PM] Jeff Lewis says: I just typed their screen name w/o an email address


[2:06:47 PM] Sharon Peters says: or you can find them like this - http://twitter.com/ectaylor


[2:06:50 PM] Joseph Miller says: scratch your passion


[2:06:57 PM] Sharon Peters says: that is ectaylor above (I hope!)


[2:07:02 PM] Sharon Peters says: then click on follow


[2:10:40 PM] John Protsman says: you might not see it but there was a question about downloading from youtube and the reply is Zamzar.com and TubeTV


[2:11:05 PM] John Protsman says: also keepvid.com


[2:11:18 PM] Sharon Peters says: someone in twitter just recommended this - http://www.getmiro.com/


[2:11:34 PM] Sharon Peters says: I am currently wowing over it


[2:11:39 PM] wrobinson72 says: alright...thanks.  So much networking.


[2:14:14 PM] Joseph Miller says: I am curious: Anyone thinking about a collaborative project based on what you have learned today?


[2:17:19 PM] Durff says: i'm here now


[2:18:06 PM] Jeff Lewis says: Emily and I are chatting about expanding my fourth grade wiki to include spaces for all grade levels to begin to create their units of inquiry for the coming year.  Also talking about PD opportunities.


[2:18:06 PM] Sharon Peters says: from the chatcasting phenomenon, I have been communicating with Dr. Cheri Toledo - we want to do an academic research study on the merits of backchanneling


[2:18:48 PM] Bud Hunt says: still in the chat cast - wow this might be a record


[2:19:00 PM] Bud Hunt says: looks like you covered twitter?


[2:19:21 PM] Durff says: who? sharon?


[2:19:44 PM] Durff says: oo sharon that sounds neat!


[2:20:00 PM] Sharon Peters says: yes, I think it deserves a closer look


[2:20:19 PM] Durff says: not on today, Joe, but was thinking about one


[2:20:27 PM] Sharon Peters says: in fact, upon reflecton was wondering if you all would mind if this chatcast text could be used for academic study?


[2:22:18 PM] Durff says: please do!


[2:22:55 PM] Sharon Peters says: might have go bakc and seek indiv permission from each person


[2:23:00 PM] Durff says: the metacognition backchanneling facilitates is well worth study


[2:23:49 PM] Durff says: i want to scaffold into it in K12


[2:24:03 PM] *** Regina Stewart left this chat




[2:25:03 PM] Sharon Peters says: it is getting administrators to see the value


[2:25:22 PM] Durff says: i guess there is no audio of the live thing?


[2:25:37 PM] Sharon Peters says: bec all the admins (and many teachers) think is that this is instant messaging - no value to education


[2:25:47 PM] Durff says: i usually tell my afterwards


[2:26:14 PM] Sharon Peters says: all instant msging programs were blocked at my school


[2:26:17 PM] Durff says: true though i use IM widget on class blogs


[2:26:23 PM] Durff says: Meebo


[2:26:26 PM] Bud Hunt says: wouldn't bother me, Sharon


[2:26:32 PM] Durff says: probably not blocked


[2:26:33 PM] *** John Protsman left this chat




[2:26:33 PM] Sharon Peters says: thanks Bud


[2:26:41 PM] Durff says: it is web-based


[2:27:36 PM] Durff says: i have a teacher who used it to get around blocks at her husband's work


[2:27:48 PM] Sharon Peters says: cool


[2:27:59 PM] Durff says: Meebo.com


[2:28:24 PM] Joseph Miller says: okay with me to use this chatcast


[2:28:56 PM] Joseph Miller says: The Adams 14 Superintendent was in the room today, but not on the chatcast


[2:29:13 PM] Joseph Miller says: Administrators are seeing the value


[2:29:16 PM] Durff says: aw, why not


[2:29:28 PM] Joseph Miller says: he did not bring a computer


[2:29:41 PM] Durff says: we need to get admin in these chats


[2:29:45 PM] Durff says: pooh


[2:29:54 PM] Joseph Miller says: we have at least 1


[2:30:01 PM] Sharon Peters says: oops, bet he regretted it


[2:30:19 PM] Durff says: i'm sure


[2:30:20 PM] Joseph Miller says: we also two principals on skype


[2:30:22 PM] Sharon Peters says: I sent the interview with my daughter to my IT director - he was impressed


[2:30:28 PM] Joseph Miller says: i don't regret it


[2:30:31 PM] Durff says: yeah!


[2:30:39 PM] Durff says: can't get mine on


[2:30:40 PM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: @ Joe, Emily and I have talked about having her students help teach my students how to add information to the blog. I'm really interested in using Voki with them!


[2:30:46 PM] Sharon Peters says: @millerjtx - LOL


[2:30:58 PM] Durff says: i give him a hard time when he uses email like chat


[2:31:49 PM] Joseph Miller says: @Kelly great idea.  what about additional 3rd graders or 7th graders in another school


[2:32:19 PM] Durff says: I will have 7th


[2:32:24 PM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: Definitely! :)


[2:32:54 PM] Durff says: we use classblogmeister


[2:33:12 PM] Joseph Miller says: I see an opportunity


[2:33:18 PM] Durff says: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=56473


[2:34:40 PM] Durff says: also may have computer specials with 6,7,8


[2:35:57 PM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: Thanks Durff!


[2:36:06 PM] Durff says: :)


[2:37:03 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: So... no methaphor. The conversation does begin after the conference!


[2:37:16 PM] *** Andrew Palmer left this chat




[2:37:31 PM] Durff says: The convo continues all the time


[2:38:53 PM] Bud Hunt says: y'all have got to be tired -- I am and I wasn't even there!


[2:39:02 PM] Joseph Miller says: exhausted


[2:39:17 PM] Durff says: it's that lawn ...


[2:39:27 PM] Durff says: mowing tires one out


[2:42:09 PM] Bud Hunt says: is there audio still?


[2:42:26 PM] Durff says: i don't hear any


[2:42:31 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: I think not. Not here, at least


[2:42:37 PM] Joseph Miller says: not sure, we stopped video because they are working on their own


[2:43:08 PM] Bud Hunt says: ah - makes sense


[2:43:31 PM] Durff says: ok


[2:44:03 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: Seems there will be more Twitter enabled people after this workshop.


[2:44:16 PM] Joseph Miller says: some teachers are exploring http://scratch.mit.edu/


[2:44:36 PM] Durff says: that's cool i hear


[2:45:24 PM] Sharon Peters says: for global projects - has anyone heard of this environment - free for high schools - http://rafi.ki/


[2:45:42 PM] Durff says: no


[2:45:59 PM] Sharon Peters says: an informal social networking site - not a learning management system - my friend in Israel, Reuven Werber, recommends it


[2:46:30 PM] Durff says: why not just use skype?


[2:47:21 PM] Dave Tarwater says: just took a look at rafi.ki, intriguing - I will have to investigate further


[2:47:31 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://www.flickr.com/photos/millerjtx/1063780713/


[2:47:39 PM] Joseph Miller says: photo of Darren today


[2:47:57 PM] Sharon Peters says: skype is not a social networking site like facebook or myspce


[2:48:01 PM] Durff says: oh - they all have laptops!


[2:48:09 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://www.flickr.com/photos/millerjtx/1063801089/


[2:48:16 PM] Bud Hunt says: interesting, sharon -- who runs it?  It says charity - but thought you could save me the search?


[2:48:20 PM] *** janstearns left this chat




[2:48:34 PM] Joseph Miller says: all participants have their own laptops, smartboards, projectors, and computer cameras


[2:48:41 PM] Durff says: and us lowly people have to present in conferences that will not pay for internet access


[2:48:57 PM] Durff says: life is not fair joe


[2:49:02 PM] Joseph Miller says: indeed


[2:49:12 PM] Durff says: i need to buy a projecctor


[2:49:27 PM] Sharon Peters says: wow, very cool - that was my teaching environment - very nice


[2:49:31 PM] Joseph Miller says: they are getting so affordable


[2:49:32 PM] Bud Hunt says: joseph - how'd you pay for the equipment and the professional development, if you don't mind my asking -- curious about how to do that in my district


[2:49:36 PM] Durff says: i'm getting a smartboard - well i think i have to share it


[2:50:22 PM] Joseph Miller says: @Bud I convinced my district top pony a bunch of $ and received a 300k grant


[2:50:31 PM] Durff says: are the participants all using batteries or is there electric and is there free wireless?


[2:50:35 PM] Bud Hunt says: One of the ironies of your workshops is that my Canadian friend, through the chatcasts, introduced me to a read/write web iniative happening in my own backyard.


[2:50:49 PM] Joseph Miller says: these teachers also have dedicated mobile labs (to share)


[2:50:51 PM] Bud Hunt says: do you have any documentation around your global learners project?


[2:50:54 PM] Sharon Peters says: every child should have such an awesoem environment  - mind you , does not eliminate the very importatn need for excellent teachers


[2:50:57 PM] Durff says: ah the irony of it all


[2:51:04 PM] Joseph Miller says: yes, happy to share


[2:51:15 PM] Durff says: ahhh - hire me


[2:51:18 PM] Joseph Miller says: we have power on the ground and free wireless


[2:51:29 PM] Durff says: aarrrggg


[2:51:43 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://schoolweb.acsd14.k12.co.us/etil/EETT.htm


[2:51:49 PM] Joseph Miller says: http://principianteglobal.blogspot.com/


[2:51:57 PM] Joseph Miller says: those 2 websites gove sopme info


[2:52:05 PM] Joseph Miller says: typing issue there


[2:52:24 PM] Bud Hunt says: cool - had bookmarked the blog - will add the other site.


[2:52:27 PM] Joseph Miller says: durff do you teach hs math?


[2:52:29 PM] Bud Hunt says: how do you swing the "free wireless?"


[2:52:38 PM] Durff says: scribefire does a nice job for blogging


[2:52:45 PM] Joseph Miller says: we are in our hs library..so, freee...hmmm


[2:53:00 PM] Durff says: i did last year - had three maths


[2:53:23 PM] Joseph Miller says: we are looking for hs math


[2:53:33 PM] Joseph Miller says: www.acsd14.k12.co.us


[2:53:37 PM] Bud Hunt says: We didn't have enough free and reduced lunch folk to qualify for II-D.


[2:53:40 PM] Sharon Peters says: just so that I am clear on this - this is a public school system ??


[2:53:41 PM] Durff says: this year it looks like computer apps, study skills and (and this is funny) Spanish I


[2:53:50 PM] Joseph Miller says: yes


[2:53:53 PM] Sharon Peters says: acsd


[2:53:55 PM] Joseph Miller says: commerce city, co


[2:54:05 PM] Durff says: like i said, life is not fair


[2:54:06 PM] Sharon Peters says: wow, very impressive - congrats on the grant


[2:54:20 PM] Joseph Miller says: 6500 students, 800 employees, 56% ELL, 82% FRL


[2:54:44 PM] Joseph Miller says: I am stepping out for a moment, but will be back in a few


[2:54:50 PM] Sharon Peters says: like Durff, I have worked in a fiscally-challenged Christian school - more recently for a very well-endowed independent school and now for the ministry of ed in Quebecd


[2:55:07 PM] Sharon Peters says: ELL? FRL??


[2:55:10 PM] Durff says: fiscally-challenged - i like that


[2:55:49 PM] Durff says: ELL is usually English as a second language


[2:55:49 PM] Bud Hunt says: ELL= English language learners


[2:55:57 PM] Bud Hunt says: FRL= free and reduced lunch


[2:56:00 PM] Durff says: so what is FRL?


[2:56:07 PM] Sharon Peters says: does that mean English is first or additional language


[2:56:14 PM] Sharon Peters says: we call it mother tongue in QC


[2:56:17 PM] Durff says: 2nd


[2:56:25 PM] Bud Hunt says: it's a statistic that measures how many students are below a certain home economic level - closest way to measure "poverty"


[2:56:35 PM] Sharon Peters says: ahhhh


[2:56:38 PM] Durff says: ah...


[2:56:38 PM] Bud Hunt says: mother tongue is NOTenglish


[2:56:40 PM] Sharon Peters says: okay - get it


[2:56:45 PM] Sharon Peters says: okay


[2:56:47 PM] Durff says: ok coffee time


[2:56:55 PM] Bud Hunt says: those numbers are essential for determining access to certain federal and state monies


[2:57:04 PM] Sharon Peters says: I live in a place where English is the minority language (officially)


[2:57:17 PM] Sharon Peters says: right


[2:57:20 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: ESL = English as a second language EFL= English as a foreign language


[2:57:42 PM] Bud Hunt says: ELA = english/language arts OR english language acquisition


[2:57:45 PM] Sharon Peters says: I recognize those Claudia! Used to teach ESL students for years


[2:58:05 PM] Sharon Peters says: I am the ELA consultant for my province


[2:58:14 PM] Sharon Peters says: the "go-to girl" for ELA resources


[2:58:22 PM] Sharon Peters says: (should put that on my card)


[2:58:31 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: I see. Where is that?


[2:58:38 PM] Sharon Peters says: QuÈbec


[2:58:47 PM] Sharon Peters says: for the English sector


[2:59:18 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: I've only done EFL in Buenos Aires.


[2:59:24 PM] Sharon Peters says: the politics here make an education in English difficult, but not impossible


[2:59:51 PM] Sharon Peters says: most of the population (Francophones) are only permitted 10% instruction in English


[3:00:31 PM] Sharon Peters says: even the Francophones don't like that idea


[3:00:32 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: Sadly I must go to a class now. Let's stay in touch! fceblog at gmail


[3:00:50 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: Great experience here today. Huge learning.


[3:01:19 PM] Bud Hunt says: was great to learn with you today, claudia


[3:01:25 PM] Bud Hunt says: enjoy class!


[3:02:41 PM] Claudia Ceraso says: Same here Bud. I've been following your tweets. But today I felt your mind quite close. Thank you.


[3:02:55 PM] Bud Hunt says: you're quite welcome!


[3:06:56 PM] Sharon Peters says: great to meet you Cla


[3:07:05 PM] Sharon Peters says: Claudia!


[3:07:23 PM] Jon Fisher says: Ma classe va faire un echange avec une classe en Normandie. Unfortunately my students don't speak French.


[3:07:47 PM] Sharon Peters says: dÈsolÈe!


[3:08:16 PM] Sharon Peters says: Jon, what age/grade levels are your students?


[3:08:37 PM] Sharon Peters says: I have teachers who are looking for global partners for a collaborative exchange


[3:08:37 PM] Jon Fisher says: My kids are first grade. So between 5-7.


[3:09:01 PM] Jon Fisher says: We can always use babelfish translations or the tool in epals.


[3:09:05 PM] Sharon Peters says: ooh - young..... will keep you in mind


[3:27:02 PM] Emily Taylor says: Thanks everyone!  Goodbye! (sun)


[3:27:07 PM] *** Emily Taylor left this chat




[3:29:14 PM] Bud Hunt says: bye, y'all


[3:30:24 PM] *** Tonia Johnson left this chat




[3:32:11 PM] Kelly Schwichtenberg says: Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!


[3:32:21 PM] *** Kelly Schwichtenberg left this chat




[3:32:44 PM] Sharon Peters says: Bye all!

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