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Learning the Guitar

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Your Homework

Review the chatcast below then answer the questions here. You can edit the wiki by clicking on the blue EDIT PAGE button near the top left corner of this page. If you don't see the EDIT PAGE button it is because you are not logged in. Log in by clicking on the log in link near the top right corner of this page.


What were the "Big Ideas" discussed in this session?

Pedagogy is the key, not the tools.  Best practices still apply.

 We must be willing to jump in with both feet (back to pool analogy) and be willing to make mistakes with all of this technology.

Learning isn't a spectator sport, like sitting on the side of the pool, because you can't learn that way.  Learning should be fun and the only way to have fun is to jump in and be involved in the learning process

We are poised in Adams 14 to initiate a "social epidemic" in teaching and learning for the 21st Century and beyond.


What were the "Takeaways" for you?

 Having an extensive support network can only improve teaching and learning

These tools allow our students' to cast a much larger net with their ideas, very powerful!  Students also now have a much larger group of "experts" to draw from when they are attempting to answer a question.

Since the amount of information is doubling every 72 hours, it isn't as important what a student learns, but how they learn, unlearn, and relearn.

We (Global Learners) have been given a unique opportunity to engage our students in content based learning using tools that fit in thier world and the world of the future.

 I see that a big take-away for me was that the task of coordinating all of these tools is compounded exponentially.  Along with the other daily requirements like taking attendance, sending and responding to memos, etc., I will be adding the tasks of setting up and putting away equipment, logging in and out, monitoring appropriate use by students, etc.  This is not impossible and when I get to that point I will see some benefit of having to take less time in planning lessons, and assessing student learning because it will be all done through the networks I will be working with.

What questions do you have as a result of this session that you would like answered?

How can administration lead implementation efforts?  We had four administrators attend extensive portions of the sessions this morning.  In addition, the Superintendent attended about 15 minutes. 


What policies or protocols should a district be considering when implementing new practices and tools?


What issues will teachers face in implementing these technolgies?  The sheer volume of resources to research to decide what is most appropriate for my classroom / grade level.  Also, reticence by other teachers to try new technologies (a wiki requires participation to be collaborative).


How does one continue to focus on pedagogy when keeping up with all of these tools takes so much time?


If twitter is such a waste of time, why do I keep tweeting?  Is there any real value to twitter in the classroom?


How can we encourage students to take ownership in this endeavor?  If I am overwhelmed, and there are a large number of kids who could be really intimidated by all of this technology and the "globalness" of what we are touching on.


How ready are we as educators to allow students to take more control of their learning and how they learn?






This chatcast covers this session and includes the "post show" that preceeded the next one, Whiplash!


9:45:12 AM Terry Freedman says: Brains haven't changed, but ways we use to learn have


9:45:16 AM Terry Freedman says: hi, Bud


9:45:30 AM Bud Hunt says: is audio available?


9:45:51 AM Terry Freedman says: I was wondering the same. I have audio, but not sure how to relay it to everyone else


9:46:03 AM Bud Hunt says: hmm . . .


9:46:20 AM Terry Freedman says: can u hear now?


9:46:48 AM Bud Hunt says: I can


9:46:48 AM Terry Freedman says: I tried making it a conference call


9:46:49 AM Bud Hunt says: thanks!


9:46:55 AM Terry Freedman says: you can hear it?


9:46:56 AM Claudia Ceraso says: I am listening. Good audio.


9:46:59 AM Terry Freedman says: great!


9:47:00 AM David Jakes says: terry hold on


9:47:00 AM Bud Hunt says: sounds great


9:47:32 AM David Jakes says: terry, can you call me again


9:47:47 AM Bud Hunt says: sounds incredibly great for a conference call


9:47:56 AM Terry Freedman says: it's coming up as not an option, David


9:48:09 AM Bud Hunt says: should be able to ring him now


9:48:19 AM Bud Hunt says: Hi, darren!


9:49:29 AM David Jakes says: not in, help!


9:49:38 AM David Jakes says: sorry, was helping someone, couldnt get to it fast enough


9:52:03 AM Bud Hunt says: Should I hang up so that David can get in?


9:52:21 AM *** Terry Freedman added Emily Taylor, Jon Fisher, Jeff Lewis, Kelly Schwichtenberg, Joseph Miller, Dave Tarwater, Tonia Johnson to this chat




9:52:51 AM Terry Freedman says: David J, I'll relay what's being said. I can't seem to add u


9:52:53 AM Bud Hunt says: Darren's reporting that David won't be able to hear - so it's up to those of us who can to keep him posted


9:53:24 AM *** Joseph Miller added conniel.vigil, Dave Tarwater, drewpalmerwsu, Jennifer Skrobela, Jeremy Schriner, tdeaguero to this chat




9:53:27 AM Bud Hunt says: Darren: the purpose here is to leverage the backchannel - ask questions, embrace being overwhelmed, seek further clarification, etc


9:53:48 AM Bud Hunt says: hello, everyone!


9:53:59 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Hi!


9:54:10 AM David Jakes says: hello darren


9:54:13 AM Joseph Miller says: Hello and welcome


9:54:34 AM Bud Hunt says: greetings from Longmont, CO


9:54:42 AM Bud Hunt says: how's the workshop going?


9:54:51 AM *** Joseph Miller added Regina Stewart to this chat




9:55:36 AM Kelly Schwichtenberg says: The workshop is going great. I have never used Skype, but it is a lot of fun!


9:55:56 AM Bud Hunt says: Big learning curve - but a handy tool.


9:55:59 AM *** Terry Freedman added john.protsman to this chat




9:56:06 AM Emily Taylor says: I've never thought about using Skype like this before!


9:56:09 AM Claudia Ceraso says: I see 19 people so far in this chat. Are we all remote? Or are there people from the f2f session here too?


9:56:31 AM Bud Hunt says: looks like most are from Adams - in the f2f.


9:56:43 AM Bud Hunt says: hearing lots of excitement in the room as folks connect to the chat.


9:56:48 AM Jeff Lewis says: Hello...


9:56:52 AM Bud Hunt says: hello, jeff.


9:56:55 AM Jennifer Skrobela says: Hi everyone! It's kinda funny to chat w/ you since we are sitting in the same room!


9:56:56 AM john.protsman says: sweet I'm here


9:57:33 AM john.protsman says: Hello Jeff, I heard you're close to Commerce City


9:57:37 AM *** Joseph Miller added Jill Minzak, Jennifer Svihlik to this chat




9:57:42 AM David Jakes says: @Jennifer...thats the idea, cool huh?


9:57:48 AM john.protsman says: welcome jill


9:58:02 AM Jennifer Skrobela says: I need to leave the chat for a meeting - I


9:58:03 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: What chat is this?


9:58:05 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Just a thought. Although we all have the audio, keep the "topic sentence" coming so that we see some context to the chatcast once in the wiki.


9:58:08 AM Regina Stewart says: this is the right one jen


9:58:20 AM tdeaguero says: Hi everybody I just got here.


9:58:21 AM Jennifer Skrobela says: See ya in a few!


9:58:42 AM tdeaguero says: Have a good day


9:58:42 AM Bud Hunt says: Good idea, Claudia.


9:58:46 AM Terry Freedman says: Is there anyone else I havem added?


9:58:46 AM *** Emily Taylor added samara.williams to this chat




9:58:48 AM Dave Tarwater says: tools are just tools, what tools we choose and how we use them for teaching and learning should be the focus


9:58:58 AM *** samara.williams can't be added to this chat due to his/her privacy settings




9:59:26 AM *** Tonia Johnson added wrobinson72 to this chat




9:59:41 AM Jill Minzak says: Just checking to see if this is working.?.?.?


9:59:46 AM Bud Hunt says: @ Dave - Yes - the trick is having enough tools in the box for when you need them.


9:59:47 AM Terry Freedman says: Hi Jill


9:59:54 AM Bud Hunt says: It's working just fine, Jill.


10:00:07 AM *** Joseph Miller added kathy.littlejohn1 to this chat




10:00:13 AM wrobinson72 says: I don't fee so left out now...ahh


10:00:27 AM Jill Minzak says: Welcome Wesley


10:00:53 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Dave @Bud Toolbox + network


10:01:05 AM *** Terry Freedman added cabrunel to this chat




10:01:22 AM Terry Freedman says: I can't see everyone who should be here


10:01:43 AM *** Joseph Miller added penny.j.bortner to this chat




10:01:45 AM john.protsman says: Terry who are you looking for?


10:02:08 AM Jennifer Skrobela says: Ok, I'm trying to multi-task...help!!!!!


10:02:13 AM Terry Freedman says: I think someone Palmserston contacted me, but can't find him now!


10:02:23 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: did you make it to your meeting Jen?


10:02:31 AM Jennifer Skrobela says: I'm here


10:02:36 AM john.protsman says: Hmm, I don't think he's apart of our room


10:02:37 AM john.protsman says: Yeah Jen


10:03:03 AM *** Terry Freedman added janstearns, jwbrown420 to this chat




10:03:12 AM drewpalmerwsu says: I'm here - Andrew Palmer


10:03:16 AM David Jakes says: hello district6!


10:03:23 AM Joseph Miller says: Challenge Darren's ideas


10:03:24 AM janstearns says: Hi David!


10:03:31 AM Joseph Miller says: Add some meat to your challenge


10:03:34 AM jwbrown420 says: Hey Andrew


10:03:36 AM Bud Hunt says: ohh -- reasoned and spirited argument and debate.


10:03:39 AM Bud Hunt says: I like it.


10:04:36 AM john.protsman says: So is this a really good forum for students to communicate to eachother during a presentation?


10:04:37 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Hey Jesse


10:04:52 AM john.protsman says: Ah, cool we can save the chat file


10:05:00 AM Bud Hunt says: I've used chat with students for a similar purpose - it's worked well.


10:05:00 AM Terry Freedman says: omg, I thought I'd lost all this


10:05:12 AM john.protsman says: Homework to highlight the questions not answered and bring them tomorrow


10:05:13 AM *** Terry Freedman added Sharon Peters to this chat




10:05:48 AM *** Dave Tarwater added callie.brownlee to this chat




10:05:53 AM Claudia Ceraso says: "The end of the conversation is the beginning" I just want to make sure I remember that.


10:05:54 AM wrobinson72 says: So, this chat will really never end...


10:06:07 AM David Jakes says: @ I've got it Terry


10:06:07 AM Kelly Schwichtenberg says: Bud, Tell us more about how you used this with students!


10:06:15 AM David Jakes says: Chatcasting rocks


10:06:16 AM Tonia Johnson says: b/c learning never really ends ;)


10:06:28 AM Terry Freedman says: this can become a permanaent record


10:06:46 AM Bud Hunt says: I taught high school language arts and was using a chatroom for conversation in the classroom while conferencing with students -- everyone could ask a question of the class at any time.


10:07:10 AM David Jakes says: @Darren,@Terry-I have pictures of the Chat from my workshop in Portage, Wisconsin


10:07:10 AM john.protsman says: nice, thanks for the info budtheteacher


10:07:22 AM Joseph Miller says: Bud, That is a neat idea. What worked best?


10:07:28 AM janstearns says: That offers immediate feedback and fosters collaboration amond the students.


10:07:36 AM Bud Hunt says: sometimes, students got silly - but usually, they stuck to the topic - I never did the after chat piece that Darren's using with you - I'm curious to see how that goes.


10:07:50 AM Terry Freedman says: the link to Grace's interview is: http://terry-freedman.org.uk/artman/publish/article_1137.php


10:08:01 AM Bud Hunt says: I used a chatroom that was archivable - and we all knew that I was monitoring the chat.


10:08:10 AM Terry Freedman says: I'm recording this too, so it could become a podcast, or a slideshare sound track


10:08:19 AM Bud Hunt says: excellent, terry


10:08:24 AM Dave Tarwater says: thanks terry


10:08:34 AM Terry Freedman says: That's the theory!


10:08:36 AM Terry Freedman says: LOL


10:08:38 AM Joseph Miller says: I recorded Darren's intro and I will load to youtube


10:08:39 AM john.protsman says: Terry what software are you using to record this?


10:08:40 AM Terry Freedman says: my pleasure


10:08:47 AM Terry Freedman says: PowerGramo


10:08:51 AM Claudia Ceraso says: I just bumped on Terry's issues with back-channel communication http://terry-freedman.org.uk/artman/publish/article_1122.php


10:08:59 AM Sharon Peters says: does anyone agree with Miss Manners, that chatcasting is boorishly rude - much like heckling??


10:09:14 AM Bud Hunt says: it's important to fiddle around with tools so that you know what's available to you


10:09:20 AM Joseph Miller says: The key is NOT the tools, but the use


10:09:23 AM tdeaguero says: Did Iget kicked out?


10:09:26 AM Terry Freedman says: Claudia, they reflect my own limitations to some extent, but I do believe there are classroom management issues to be addressed


10:09:34 AM tdeaguero says: No I'm still here.


10:09:39 AM Bud Hunt says: @sharon: Nope. I disagree with Miss Manners -- using the backchannel is the polite way to side-talk.


10:09:40 AM *** Joseph Miller added Fred Kreienkamp to this chat




10:09:43 AM Terry Freedman says: yiou're here!


10:09:45 AM Dave Tarwater says: so true, we must not sit at the pool's edge, but rather jump right in and splash


10:09:56 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @sharon I am in Buenos Aires, chatcasting is not rude. It's my way of being there. Closing up would be kind of rude.


10:09:58 AM Terry Freedman says: Grace is Shaorn's daughter. Sharton is in this chat


10:10:03 AM Terry Freedman says: Sharon*


10:10:12 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Of course I imagine you refer to chatcasting inside a classroom


10:10:21 AM Terry Freedman says: I do


10:10:23 AM Bud Hunt says: @Dave - we need to jump in and splash before we go with students -- that way, we're focused on the students when we take them into the pool - and no one drowns.


10:11:06 AM Dave Tarwater says: ah yes, another duty assigned to teachers - lifeguard, we can do it!!


10:11:39 AM Terry Freedman says: To people who are able to contact people in the audience, when you add me as a skype contact, you also have to make yrself visible


10:11:45 AM Terry Freedman says: so I can add u to the chat


10:11:46 AM Bud Hunt says: heh - not to take the metaphor too far -- but yeah, we're lifeguards. If there aren't any lifeguards, the administrators close the pool. And that's unacceptable.


10:11:48 AM wrobinson72 says: I find this sort of discussion very engaging- I know my 5th graders would eat up this kind of interaction


10:12:17 AM Bud Hunt says: @Wesley - say more - will our 5th graders be able to follow both the chat and the conversation? I struggle with that sometimes - and know my high schoolers do.


10:12:26 AM Terry Freedman says: For those who can't hear, someone is playing a guitar (folkish)


10:12:26 AM Bud Hunt says: oops - your, not our


10:12:27 AM Joseph Miller says: I think Alan November would love the lifeguard metaphor


10:12:34 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Great for those shy students who may not want to raise their hand and speak in front of the class but still want and need their ideas heard


10:12:58 AM Jeff Lewis says: I agree wrobinson, but I wonder about my 4th graders, will there slow typing make this process too laborious?


10:12:58 AM tdeaguero says: Who is this paying the guitar? Where can I get this recording?


10:13:08 AM wrobinson72 says: Some will sink a little in our metaphorical pool, but most have had enough practice to really thrive (I hope- I'll mee t the new group soon)


10:13:12 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: Maybe on youtube


10:13:23 AM Terry Freedman says: tdeaguero, Darren will tell us. I will see if I can find it


10:13:34 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Chatcast in the classroom. I struggle with the idea of multitasking. What's the skill we are trying to develop? What's the aim?


10:13:36 AM tdeaguero says: thx


10:13:48 AM Terry Freedman says: look here: http://acsd14.pbwiki.com/Learning+the+Guitar


10:14:07 AM Bud Hunt says: @Claudia - I think one of the skills is active learning. Engaging ideas as they enter your brain. A new way to take notes, perhaps?


10:14:22 AM Sharon Peters says: @claudia - think it has to be a certain kind of class - lecture?? my daughter points out how she can seek out those who are learning at her level for peer help and understanding


10:14:34 AM Tonia Johnson says: @bud-- I know I learn more when I


10:14:50 AM Tonia Johnson says: sorry...am able to contribute..have my thoughts heard


10:14:51 AM Emily Taylor says: This would be challenging for my third graders also: they are slow typers! Perhaps this would motivate them to become faster and give them time to practice.


10:15:00 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Oh yeah, great scaffolding tool, this chatcasting


10:15:08 AM wrobinson72 says: I think the students- 4th, 5th, most ages- if they are engaged, they will mutlitask without thinking twice, sort of like playing polo in the pool


10:15:09 AM Joseph Miller says: T Kuhn...scientific revolutions


10:15:11 AM Sharon Peters says: @bud and claudia - yes active learning - mind is engaged as I type, read others and explore ideas


10:15:12 AM Bud Hunt says: @Tonia - Yeah. Me, too.


10:15:20 AM Terry Freedman says: Thomas Kuhn: Scientific Revolutions: paradigm shift


10:15:21 AM Bud Hunt says: the trick is listening and thinking and writing together.


10:15:23 AM Joseph Miller says: t Kuhn says that revolutions are a matter of time, momentum


10:15:25 AM Dave Tarwater says: @emily, start small with the little guys


10:15:31 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Bud. Right. Also brainstorming. Multiple lines of thought and conversation will out!


10:15:43 AM Terry Freedman says: he actually talked about a tipping point, tho not in those terms, if u think about it


10:15:50 AM Tonia Johnson says: how hard would it be to tak while everyone is typing? and not looking at me...


10:15:51 AM Joseph Miller says: yes, tipping point


10:16:05 AM Bud Hunt says: malcolm gladwell's book _The Tipping Point_ is a really interesting read.


10:16:07 AM Joseph Miller says: when more people begin to agree with an idea it will take hol


10:16:07 AM Terry Freedman says: what do u mean, Tonia? as a presenter?


10:16:29 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is taking us on a tour of his class blogs, to show his methodology


10:16:43 AM Tonia Johnson says: @ Terry --Yes...It would make me a little scard that I'd lost them or need to move on


10:16:59 AM Bud Hunt says: I really like the vocabulary/language tool on Darren's blog.


10:17:07 AM Joseph Miller says: answertips


10:17:16 AM Dave Tarwater says: @tonia, I think it will take some practice getting used to this modality


10:17:21 AM Claudia Ceraso says: An innovative way of presenting. We'll have to come to terms with change. It might happen anyway... people not following what you say and going to some inner train of thought we'll never have access to. Transparency is another objective.


10:17:22 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Yeah, Joe showed us this on his blog as well in earlier trainings


10:17:40 AM Tonia Johnson says: its a great tool for ELLs


10:17:48 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren'


10:17:51 AM Terry Freedman says: s blog: http://adifference.blogspot.com


10:18:09 AM Joseph Miller says: check out also the GL blog: http://principianteglobal.blogspot.com/


10:18:18 AM Terry Freedman says: scroll down for his class blogs


10:18:20 AM Bud Hunt says: I guess as a teacher I'd rather have students "zoning out" conversing about ideas and conributing in ways that I can see than just looking at me and feigning interest.


10:18:25 AM Bud Hunt says: So typing doesn't bother me.


10:18:33 AM Terry Freedman says: eg http://am40sw07.blogspot.com/


10:18:34 AM janstearns says: I think if there's dialogue about the presentation, it can help some learners stay more focused, even with the backchannel appearing to be a distraction


10:19:00 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Maybe letting your students know you will view everything that has been typed later on will keep them on track and paying attention, instead of just "chatting"


10:19:05 AM Regina Stewart says: How do we embed that vocab piece on the blogs?


10:19:08 AM Terry Freedman says: @ Bud: I recall once turning to the wall and asking the question, when I got no response from class


10:19:12 AM Joseph Miller says: people familiar with "scribes"?


10:19:15 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Bud They feel it is out of respect to feign interest. Good if we focus on manner; but poor for learning.


10:19:20 AM Sharon Peters says: yes, I agree with drew - has to be some accountability


10:19:27 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: not really....


10:19:29 AM Jennifer Skrobela says: isn't that a csap accommodation???


10:19:31 AM Sharon Peters says: so that we know they were not playing games and pretending to be chatting


10:19:36 AM Bud Hunt says: Yeah - being polite isn't always a useful learning activity, though.


10:20:04 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Bud We'll have to strike a balance. Another teacher role emerging?


10:20:07 AM Joseph Miller says: @Bud I think the polite versus useful is the key


10:20:12 AM Dave Tarwater says: the scribing sounds good


10:20:12 AM Sharon Peters says: this could foster the skill of note-taking - which is usually a singular experience - and not done particularly well by most young students


10:20:16 AM Bud Hunt says: CSAP= Colorado Student Assessment Program (for those of you who aren't Colorado folks - those're our state tests)


10:20:20 AM Joseph Miller says: @Claudia any ideas on striking the balance


10:20:24 AM *** Terry Freedman added coordinatortwo to this chat




10:20:32 AM Bud Hunt says: @Claudia - Yet another role. Golly.


10:20:49 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Joseph I am just thinkiing out aloud with you. Don't have all the answers ;)


10:20:55 AM Terry Freedman says: What do people think of Darren's methods, eg using scribes in the classroom?


10:20:59 AM Bud Hunt says: BOB=blogging on blogging=metacognition


10:21:04 AM Bud Hunt says: i love that


10:21:22 AM Claudia Ceraso says: I'll try. Keeping priorities in mind during all activities.


10:21:27 AM Terry Freedman says: metacognition is big in the UK


10:21:35 AM Bud Hunt says: that's one of the biggest values of blogging to me -- being able to see the thinking -- having the learner show their work


10:21:36 AM Joseph Miller says: the scrive is what attracted me to Darren's work


10:21:38 AM Sharon Peters says: having chief scribes on a rotating practice is a great idea - puts the responsibility on the shoulders of the students


10:21:45 AM Terry Freedman says: how do you deal with kids who can't spell?


10:21:45 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Just reviewing these notes after a lesson could show who is getting it, who needs more instruction, etc.


10:21:56 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: Great reteaching tool...


10:21:58 AM Tonia Johnson says: @Bud--- you totally stole my thought...I love the idea of using the blog as a metaconative reflective tool...


10:22:19 AM Dave Tarwater says: awesome, students writing their own textbook


10:22:19 AM Regina Stewart says: What if they don't scribe when they are supposed to??


10:22:19 AM Tonia Johnson says: It would make them more responsible for thier own learning


10:22:23 AM Sharon Peters says: yes, reflecting on writing (blogging on blogging) is a great way to foster metacognition - leads to better self-regulation fo learning


10:22:25 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: Are we going to learn how to set this up for our students?


10:22:30 AM Terry Freedman says: Andrew, that is true, but there would be a management issue, so may be better to do it as a class activity, as Darren said to me last nite, or to do it on an exceptions basis


10:22:37 AM Bud Hunt says: @Tonia -- It's not my idea, either -- but it's a really, really good one. I learned so much blogging with my students.


10:22:48 AM Terry Freedman says: ie only go thru with very good or very poor students


10:22:50 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Great point - students love to "one-up" each other, creating much better work. A little competition never hurt anyone


10:23:05 AM Terry Freedman says: @Jennifer: Hopefully Darren will do so


10:23:19 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Terry. My students learn English as a foreing language. Spelling will be an issue. The speed required by a chatcast favours fluency, not accuracy. I can imagine school authorities wondering how to "account" for the pedagogy behind this.


10:23:23 AM wrobinson72 says: This may be addressed later, but is there any sort of Skype spam that our students could get (or other types of spam on other chat networks) that we should be on the lookout for?


10:23:26 AM Joseph Miller says: colorado standard 2: write for a "variety" of audiences... what is more variable than the world?


10:23:28 AM Bud Hunt says: @Jennifer: If he doesn't, there're a ton of folks out there blogging about how they've done it.


10:23:30 AM Sharon Peters says: I found with my students that raising that bar thru exposure to students' blogs made a HUGE difference in level of writing - particularly with my weaker students


10:23:32 AM Terry Freedman says: but also add him as a skype contact, and David Jakes, Bud, and Sharon Peters, for help


10:23:37 AM drewpalmerwsu says: @Terry - great point, what a great review session for the day after a tough lesson


10:23:46 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: THX


10:23:50 AM Terry Freedman says: @wriobinson:


10:23:57 AM Sharon Peters says: @wesley - be sure to set private settings - because yes, that could happen


10:24:01 AM Callie Brownlee says: This is a great resource for engaging in "Global Professional Development" conversations. Finding out first hand what's working... in schools, classrooms... around the world.


10:24:05 AM Tonia Johnson says: I feel like I've just scratched surface on blogging...I just have them answering questions, but if they can reflect on their learning and work with eachother, that creates the kind of learning and interaction necessary for REAL learning to take place


10:24:11 AM Terry Freedman says: there is an issue with skypecasting to some extent: anyone can join in I think


10:24:13 AM Claudia Ceraso says: "students helping each other out"


10:24:13 AM wrobinson72 says: thanks- forgot about that


10:24:19 AM Bud Hunt says: yes -- would be happy to help you set things up -- or at least answer a question or two -- although Darren's the master - my blog: http://www/budtheteacher.com


10:24:29 AM Claudia Ceraso says: "takes away pressure from the teacher"


10:24:31 AM Bud Hunt says: @Tonia: You're starting in a good place -- just add in as you can.


10:24:34 AM Terry Freedman says: Thanks, Bud


10:24:48 AM Joseph Miller says: I love the mentors idea


10:25:04 AM Joseph Miller says: what do the teachers think of the mentors


10:25:10 AM Bud Hunt says: You can use students in different classrooms and across your district as mentors for each other.


10:25:12 AM Dave Tarwater says: accessing experts regularly, seems only possible with 21st century tools, very cool and useful


10:25:20 AM Bud Hunt says: teachers and administrators, too.


10:25:21 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren has people who reads his students' blogs, especially retired teachers


10:25:32 AM Bud Hunt says: Parents, too.


10:25:36 AM Regina Stewart says: That is great differentiation that I may not have time for


10:25:37 AM Sharon Peters says: That's a terrific idea!


10:25:44 AM drewpalmerwsu says: what about using this in Grade Level meetings with fellow teachers - notetaking would not need to happen and all teachers' ideas are heard and given thought. No one person can dominate the conversation


10:25:50 AM Bud Hunt says: There are people, good people, who would like to help.


10:25:56 AM Bud Hunt says: Student teachers are a great resource, too.


10:25:58 AM Joseph Miller says: @andrew...I love it!


10:26:14 AM janstearns says: @Andrew - great idea to foster that sense of a professional learning community


10:26:17 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren just made the point that retired teachers contacted him, because of his professional blog: a good reason to have your own!


10:26:29 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Everyone knows one of those "outspoken" teacher on their team ;->


10:26:46 AM Dave Tarwater says: @joe and adrew - plus the conversations can all be archived for later review, study, revision


10:26:55 AM Sharon Peters says: a terrific role for retired teachers who still long for that access to students - some do not retire willingly!


10:26:59 AM Bud Hunt says: @Terry - another reason to have one is to learn, model and attempt to master what you're asking your students to do.


10:27:03 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: that's a great idea


10:27:04 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Principals could join from their office or other meeting...


10:27:10 AM Terry Freedman says: I agree Bud


10:27:16 AM Bud Hunt says: best professional development I've ever done - Darren's been my teacher for two plus years


10:27:22 AM *** Joseph Miller added samara.williams to this chat




10:27:23 AM Emily Taylor says: @terry, how can you reach out with your own professional blog?


10:27:46 AM Terry Freedman says: Emily, my own experience is TEhlaati neb y fwrerietdmianng hsetrue.ff


10:27:51 AM Jeff Lewis says: Ss adding resources to a unit of inquiry is another great way for them to impact their learning, very powerful.


10:27:53 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Students love to see their teacher learning and exploring in their own blog. Motivation is contagious sometimes.


10:28:00 AM Sharon Peters says: I feel so privileged to have access to amazing, innovative teachers like Darren, Bud, Terry, etc. through the use of these tools!


10:28:36 AM Terry Freedman says: Emily, my experience is that by writing about stuff I am passionate about, people find me


10:28:39 AM Joseph Miller says: darren can share across manitobe because they use exactly the same curriculum across manitobe


10:28:42 AM Tonia Johnson says: so, i should have a professional blog and one for each of my classes


10:28:43 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Sharon Absolutely. Like-minded people are a great stimulus. So encouraging.


10:28:49 AM Terry Freedman says: Elaine (my wife) has an issue:


10:28:55 AM Bud Hunt says: @emily. A great way to start is by reading and commenting on others' blogs. Start your own, share the link when you comment, write honestly and openly about your practice. It takes time to develop a network - but it's worth it.


10:29:27 AM Bud Hunt says: Pick two or three colleagues at your training to start with you and to be your "blog buddies" - make a committment to read, write and comment together.


10:29:48 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Great point - the SmartBoard lets us preserve EVERYTHING we do in class


10:29:49 AM Emily Taylor says: Terry, I find that's true with my students also. When I share my passion for learning with them they really respond well to that.


10:29:51 AM drewpalmerwsu says: no more erasers


10:29:56 AM Terry Freedman says: I think it's great for fully able kids. What baout blind pupils/ or pupils who have phyical disabilites . Is there a mangement issue here?


10:30:01 AM Bud Hunt says: @Tonia - That's one way to do it -- but not the only way -- set it up how it manes the most sense for you.


10:30:15 AM Terry Freedman says: I also think it is important to be focused


10:30:18 AM Dave Tarwater says: global learners, you all have smartboards to try some of this preservation of student and class daily work


10:30:20 AM Bud Hunt says: oops - makes --


10:30:23 AM Claudia Ceraso says: As long as there is room for people to opt in/out of reading blogs or commenting. Good idea


10:30:28 AM drewpalmerwsu says: ... so that one kid that asks "I didnt get that thing you did 10 minutes ago", we can just move the slide back and there it still is


10:30:36 AM Terry Freedman says: I agree with Bud


10:30:37 AM Joseph Miller says: mypodcast.com


10:30:39 AM Bud Hunt says: @Dave - What's your global learner blog link again?


10:30:50 AM Joseph Miller says: garageband or audacity for us PC users


10:30:52 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren uses garageband to record podcasts


10:30:59 AM Terry Freedman says: I use audacity


10:31:05 AM drewpalmerwsu says: @Joe mypodcast.com is where we can post podcasts for free??


10:31:05 AM Terry Freedman says: but there are other tools


10:31:13 AM Joseph Miller says: I think so


10:31:17 AM Sharon Peters says: @Dave but my beef about saving everything for students using smartboards (which I have used for 3 years) is that the students now assume everything will be saved - why take notes or even pay attention?? Perhaps by having chatcasts, one can get around this


10:31:20 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Side note: I like the pace of this presentation and how Darren manages questions.


10:31:22 AM Terry Freedman says: Folks, let's focus on what Darren is talking about, but to summarise:


10:31:45 AM Bud Hunt says: got to run for a few - hope to be back soon -- be good to Darren.


10:31:53 AM Terry Freedman says: blogs are a good way of adding to learning, but there are management issues, and you have to think about inclousion issues too


10:32:01 AM Claudia Ceraso says: "reaching the limit of what is possible" Is that possible'


10:32:34 AM Terry Freedman says: Claudia, I think these tools are causing us to rethink what the limits of the possible are


10:32:38 AM Terry Freedman says: great point


10:33:04 AM drewpalmerwsu says: love the car analogy - we are still in the "stone age" with using this tools in education


10:33:16 AM Terry Freedman says: hyperlink and tags are the two most powertful technologies of recent times


10:33:19 AM drewpalmerwsu says: cant be afraid to make mistakes


10:33:27 AM Terry Freedman says: links make everyone your neighbour


10:33:40 AM coordinatortwo says: We are not limited by expectations set locally, your classroom or school. The standard is set by the blogging community


10:33:43 AM Terry Freedman says: tags allows u to organise info in any way that is meaningful for u


10:33:47 AM Terry Freedman says: -- Darren


10:34:00 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is now explaining what an RSS feed is


10:34:07 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Darren explaining RSS


10:34:46 AM Terry Freedman says: This is alsso explained in the FREE ebook Coming of Age: An Introduction to the NEW Worldwide Web: www.ictineducation.org/db/web2


10:35:08 AM Regina Stewart says: homeworkcast?


10:35:12 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is talking about Doug Belshaw;s work: uses RSS to push out homeworkrk to the kids


10:35:17 AM Jennifer Svihlik says: sounds cool??


10:35:19 AM Sharon Peters says: a great book and resource - really changed my teaching practices last year


10:35:19 AM coordinatortwo says: studycast


10:35:27 AM Terry Freedman says: yes: the kids subscribe to the homework


10:35:33 AM Sharon Peters says: great idea!


10:35:48 AM Regina Stewart says: they have to have access at home then?


10:35:49 AM Terry Freedman says: not if you dont want homewoirk!


10:36:03 AM coordinatortwo says: So, what makes it different from email group?


10:36:06 AM Terry Freedman says: not necessarily: they can log in at school, or local library


10:36:29 AM Terry Freedman says: the point is, everyone can get the homework even if they were absent from school


10:36:38 AM Claudia Ceraso says: email group has a moderator. You get everything they post. With RSS, you choose.


10:36:57 AM coordinatortwo says: you choose what you read.


10:37:03 AM Claudia Ceraso says: exactly.


10:37:10 AM Terry Freedman says: Jose:. you can subscribe to several blogs etc and access latest posts in one place, known as a RSS reader


10:37:22 AM Tonia Johnson says: teachers are the greatest thieves


10:37:24 AM Terry Freedman says: Claudia is correct


10:37:27 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Fosters student's autonomous decision: what, when and why subscribe.


10:37:53 AM coordinatortwo says: As a teacher tool, what does rss do for me?


10:37:56 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Teachers will have to pull, of course. Give up a bit of "control". Sadly?


10:38:33 AM Terry Freedman says: Doug Belshaw's blog: http://teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk/


10:38:42 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @coordinatortwo Believe me we wouldn't be talking and learning together here if I were not subscribed to Darren's blog!


10:39:09 AM coordinatortwo says: rss is all over the place; blogs, wikis. Where else are our students publishing content?


10:39:14 AM Claudia Ceraso says: That's just an example of how I use RSS


10:39:18 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is talking about these issues: are these techniqies scalable?


10:39:57 AM Claudia Ceraso says: "moving from architect to gardener" metaphor


10:40:10 AM Terry Freedman says: Any questions from anyone?


10:40:33 AM coordinatortwo says: if it's there, do it.


10:40:47 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Another great metaphor - these blogs/sites are like a garden - dont water them, they die


10:41:00 AM Terry Freedman says: ooh, audio went funny


10:41:09 AM wrobinson72 says: You can get the water from the pool :)


10:41:13 AM coordinatortwo says: over water them they drown.


10:41:40 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Question: How does Darren manage students who are resisting the innovation? If they start posting less, or late...then what?


10:42:00 AM John Protsman says: For most of us this is very overwhelming, how do we maintian contact with everyone so we can have a list of resources?


10:42:12 AM janstearns says: I've often wondered that. I'm sure there are reluctant students.


10:42:32 AM coordinatortwo says: Question: Does making blogging part of a GRADE, take the fun away?


10:42:38 AM janstearns says: I think the fact that his students are accountable for the learning and teaching to others helps minimize this.


10:42:39 AM John Protsman says: Darren suggesting using one idea, but each of his has multiple ideas imbedded into one another


10:42:41 AM Dave Tarwater says: good question regarding student participation, we will find out from Darren before he leaves us


10:43:06 AM Claudia Ceraso says: reluctant or simply "late adopters". It's natural. Just wondering how other teachers solve it. I'm facing that in my wikified classroom nowadays ;)


10:43:15 AM Regina Stewart says: coming of age 2.0


10:43:33 AM Terry Freedman says: yes, I'm working on it now, and it will be out in september


10:43:36 AM wrobinson72 says: I plan on throwing a lot of different tech tools at my students and see aht sticks, and then maintain that over the school year -see what they buy in to


10:43:39 AM Jeff Lewis says: Is there an efficient way to find experts on skype? If we are studying the Solar System, how would my students find an expert on that subject?


10:43:58 AM Terry Freedman says: Jeff, I think you would have to find them thru other means


10:44:21 AM Callie Brownlee says: Would you use the RSS to gather/collect info for a specific topic??


10:44:33 AM Terry Freedman says: Callie, yes you can do that


10:44:35 AM Jeff Lewis says: @ Terry - back to building the network..


10:44:55 AM Terry Freedman says: I think Skype is a bit hit and miss for that


10:44:56 AM coordinatortwo says: Subscribing to RSS feeds helps in finding what is happening in the blogoshphere


10:45:06 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @wesley Sounds like a kind of "fly-fishing" technique. I am wondering how to create the *need* for the tool so that they adopt it more or less *naturally* as I did. Sort of informal teaching.


10:45:13 AM Terry Freedman says: I actually said to Darren last night, someone should invent an educational version of skype


10:45:14 AM coordinatortwo says: I meant search feeds


10:45:42 AM Terry Freedman says: Jose, yes you can do that. Google Alerts is a very easy option for that


10:45:52 AM coordinatortwo says: during NECC 2007 I subscibed to conference technorati tag and got great content


10:45:54 AM wrobinson72 says: @Claudia- good point. I'm not sure yet of the needs or skills of the students I will have this year


10:46:11 AM coordinatortwo says: taging our work helps also.


10:46:27 AM Terry Freedman says: yes, using delicious


10:46:53 AM coordinatortwo says: even suggesting standard tags goes a long way


10:47:19 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren has mentioned a number of people whose blogs are worth following up. He will have the links on the wiki I think


10:47:43 AM Claudia Ceraso says: I wonder whether it is possible to fully plan the introduction of these tools to students before actually meeting them. It's important to hear them talk about *their* use of the Internet and try and reach them.


10:47:51 AM Jeff Lewis says: tear down the walls wiki?


10:47:55 AM John Protsman says: So any thoughts to the connectivity our students have access to outside of our classroom doors? Darren gave the example of a student who was able to access information from home - it seems like dialup would not be fast enough for something like this


10:47:58 AM Terry Freedman says: http://acsd14.pbwiki.com


10:48:24 AM John Protsman says: scribepost hall of fame - is it a website


10:48:32 AM Sharon Peters says: @john, skype is surprisingly light - maxes out at 125 kps


10:48:32 AM Terry Freedman says: Clausia, you could use the reports like the Horizon Report to guide you


10:48:34 AM drewpalmerwsu says: I love this - a Hall of Fame - what kid wont want their scribe post there?


10:48:47 AM Terry Freedman says: and/or set up an online survey for them to complete before the first class


10:48:48 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Perfect


10:49:17 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren uses a Hall of Fame to showcase the best scribes of the semester


10:49:20 AM Dave Tarwater says: not 15 minutes of fame, but rather an archived legacy


10:49:28 AM Terry Freedman says: that's right Dave


10:49:39 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Yeah, and being voted in by their classmates... great idea


10:49:45 AM John Protsman says: @sharon - thanks. how did you find that info out?


10:49:49 AM Terry Freedman says: If u think about it, that could contribute to kids' leaving certificate


10:50:30 AM John Protsman says: @terry what's a "leaving certificate"?


10:50:46 AM Sharon Peters says: @john - I asked an expert - one of my "peeps" in my teacher social network - to measure for me because I wanted to show my IT admin that I could skype in the classroom without maxing out the bandwidth


10:51:11 AM Joseph Miller says: the animation done in smart software?


10:51:16 AM Terry Freedman says: I was using it as a generic term, eg e-portfolio, record of school achievement, testimonial: something a student could show to a potential employer


10:52:00 AM Durff says: great! thank you bunches terry


10:52:26 AM Terry Freedman says: someone has asked if it is an issue when a scribe makes a mathematical error


10:52:29 AM Joseph Miller says: is the blog the new textbook?


10:52:49 AM coordinatortwo says: perhaps the wiki not the blog


10:52:49 AM Sharon Peters says: I think wikis have the potential to be new textbook


10:53:00 AM Terry Freedman says: answer: Darren corrects it via a comment; kids point out error; also: is there a textbook that is error free?


10:53:00 AM Durff says: no, because everyone can check facts


10:53:03 AM John Protsman says: applework, and MS equation editor


10:53:04 AM janstearns says: I think it's a combination of all the tools


10:53:17 AM Terry Freedman says: Joseph, there is somethng called a blook:


10:53:18 AM coordinatortwo says: blog is for conversation and reflection


10:53:20 AM Durff says: no text is error free


10:53:27 AM Terry Freedman says: a book made out of a blog


10:53:29 AM Sharon Peters says: blogs usually are more user-generated for journaling


10:53:30 AM Claudia Ceraso says: My vote to combination of online and offline sources


10:53:31 AM Terry Freedman says: plus wiki text books


10:53:34 AM Durff says: beauty of a wiki


10:53:34 AM Regina Stewart says: wikipedia already has lots of content discribed as well as texbooks and the kids google the topic before they open a textbook


10:53:44 AM Joseph Miller says: great idea..wikis


10:53:50 AM Joseph Miller says: should our curriculum be a wiki?


10:53:59 AM Durff says: mine is


10:54:05 AM coordinatortwo says: wikitext


10:54:06 AM Durff says: google docs


10:54:08 AM Sharon Peters says: I was all about wikis last year with my students - we used them for so many tasks


10:54:17 AM Joseph Miller says: if our curriculum were a wiki should students have edit capability?


10:54:17 AM Terry Freedman says: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page


10:54:18 AM David Jakes says: Back in, had to teach my workshop


10:54:18 AM Durff says: we too


10:54:25 AM Sharon Peters says: google docs are great too - but had limitations on my school campus


10:54:31 AM Terry Freedman says: Joseph, you could set permissions


10:54:38 AM Durff says: see the "Feed Jakes" everyone


10:54:48 AM Jeff Lewis says: I love the point that keeps coming up: It is okay to make mistakes, they will lead us to better (best) practices


10:54:59 AM Joseph Miller says: @Jeff...definitely


10:55:05 AM coordinatortwo says: start a wiki as an outline of curriculum to be "discovered" and have students add content throughout the semester


10:55:05 AM Regina Stewart says: it's hard to incorprorate everyone's opions on what should be in the curriculum when the district wants CSAP to dictact curriculum


10:55:15 AM Sharon Peters says: @millerjtx - I let my students have permission ot edit for just about everything - becuase you can check the history - they never abused that privilege


10:55:17 AM Emily Taylor says: @jeff, joe-The more mistakes we make, the more we learn!


10:55:27 AM Durff says: amen


10:55:36 AM David Jakes says: @durff....you never stop do you


10:55:38 AM Durff says: the teachable moment


10:55:43 AM Durff says: nope


10:55:43 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is talking about the Karl Fisch video, seen by 6m people


10:55:49 AM Sharon Peters says: @jose - great idea - and wikis are fantastic for global projects


10:55:56 AM Terry Freedman says: Sharon, do u have the link?


10:56:03 AM Sharon Peters says: the link for??


10:56:09 AM Terry Freedman says: karl fish video


10:56:10 AM Joseph Miller says: we remixed using our content


10:56:16 AM Durff says: Horizon Project


10:56:22 AM Joseph Miller says: all GL on this chat have seen


10:56:23 AM Sharon Peters says: one sec - am showing it off next week at a pres


10:56:24 AM Durff says: on a wiki


10:56:33 AM Durff says: shhh


10:56:33 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is showing the UK version


10:56:47 AM Durff says: there is more than one?


10:56:55 AM Joseph Miller says: these slides won a contest on slideshare.net


10:57:09 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Yes, Durff. I have the links.


10:57:13 AM Callie Brownlee says: I love the part that keeps coming that says students will be a big part with techonolgy working in the classroom! :D


10:57:15 AM Durff says: you know...we are creating history here


10:57:19 AM Sharon Peters says: Did you know 2.0 - latest version - http://youtube.com/watch?v=pMcfrLYDm2U


10:57:22 AM janstearns says: Heard that. Can understand why they won on Slideshare


10:57:51 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Great video to show other teachers in your buildings! To get them on board with Global Learning


10:58:06 AM Durff says: yes


10:58:15 AM Durff says: workshop opener


10:58:23 AM Joseph Miller says: someone took Fisch's slides and reworked with enhanced images


10:58:23 AM coordinatortwo says: or closer


10:58:24 AM Sharon Peters says: yes - am showing it as opener


10:58:28 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren: worlds knowledge is doubling every 3 days


10:58:32 AM Joseph Miller says: but, the content kills in the video


10:58:36 AM Terry Freedman says: is that true? doesn't sound feasible


10:58:44 AM Terry Freedman says: someone must be blogging a lot!


10:58:51 AM Sharon Peters says: I really like the last version - not sure you are seeing same


10:59:05 AM Sharon Peters says: the one Scott McLeod redid recently??


10:59:10 AM Terry Freedman says: I actually think it's a terrible video


10:59:11 AM Durff says: how do you measure that terry?


10:59:18 AM Terry Freedman says: thx for link Sharon


10:59:25 AM Joseph Miller says: why terrible?


10:59:40 AM drewpalmerwsu says: Worksheets... vs. Online blogging...


10:59:40 AM Durff says: i wish we had audio


10:59:43 AM Sharon Peters says: and my other fave is the web is us/using us


10:59:44 AM janstearns says: A link to Karl's post with links to other sources for the video, in case you cant get to Youtube: http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2007/06/did-you-know-20.html


10:59:50 AM Terry Freedman says: because what is the point of using screencast technology to show a load of words on a screen that I could read a lot quicker if they were on a page?


10:59:52 AM Durff says: now that would be interactive


11:00:06 AM Joseph Miller says: the web is us/ing us is great too


11:00:07 AM Terry Freedman says: I can't multitask cos there is no commentary


11:00:08 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Some links I collected about Karl Fisch vid http://claudiaceraso.pbwiki.com/Educational+Needs


11:00:14 AM Terry Freedman says: it's a step back 20 years


11:00:23 AM Durff says: what is


11:00:29 AM Durff says: what we do now?


11:00:48 AM Terry Freedman says: The web is using us is another example of total rubbish masquearding as profundity


11:00:49 AM Sharon Peters says: I think the screencast effect is powerful


11:00:51 AM Terry Freedman says: IMHO


11:01:08 AM Regina Stewart says: waht is imho


11:01:10 AM Terry Freedman says: it's a powerful waste of time


11:01:17 AM Terry Freedman says: in my humble opinion


11:01:21 AM Durff says: it makes people think critically...


11:01:34 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren is playing a video, but didn't catch what it is


11:01:38 AM Durff says: isn't that the point?


11:01:40 AM Terry Freedman says: it's about college Spanish


11:01:47 AM Joseph Miller says: 5 minute eniversity


11:01:51 AM Joseph Miller says: university


11:02:00 AM Durff says: practice your spanish terry


11:02:06 AM *** Terry Freedman added darrendrapernotthecity to this chat




11:02:12 AM Sharon Peters says: the 5 minute university is HILARIOUS


11:02:16 AM Durff says: hi darren


11:02:20 AM Joseph Miller says: Father Guido Sarducci


11:02:23 AM Sharon Peters says: yes


11:02:24 AM Terry Freedman says: do u have the link Shgaron?


11:02:28 AM Terry Freedman says: Sharon*


11:02:31 AM Darren Draper says: Hello all. Thanks, Terry.


11:02:33 AM Terry Freedman says: please share


11:02:35 AM Sharon Peters says: will find


11:02:41 AM Terry Freedman says: thx, u are a star


11:02:45 AM Joseph Miller says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO8x8eoU3L4


11:03:05 AM *** Terry Freedman added pgeorge1 to this chat




11:03:13 AM Terry Freedman says: Thanks, Joseph


11:03:29 AM Darren Draper says: I *love* Father Guido. Been a fan since SNL.


11:03:39 AM Joseph Miller says: Darren, welcome!


11:03:40 AM Terry Freedman says: never heard of him before


11:03:45 AM Joseph Miller says: he is genius


11:03:57 AM Durff says: yea, a comedian here


11:03:58 AM Terry Freedman says: must check him out


11:04:26 AM Durff says: has your sense of humor - dry


11:04:37 AM Joseph Miller says: key: what will your students remember in 5 years?


11:04:44 AM Durff says: wow


11:04:46 AM Terry Freedman says: me I hope


11:04:47 AM Terry Freedman says: LOL


11:04:48 AM Durff says: so true


11:04:56 AM Callie Brownlee says: It's funny, 'cause it's the truth.......


11:05:01 AM Emily Taylor says: what do you remember from your education?


11:05:07 AM Durff says: or the virtual activities we facilitate?


11:05:12 AM Terry Freedman says: the best teachers and the worst


11:05:20 AM Dave Tarwater says: recess, lunch, and sports


11:05:24 AM Joseph Miller says: Learning how to learn--my mentor Lewis Binford taught me everything


11:05:26 AM Darren Draper says: The good teachers and the bad teachers are what I remember. Very little of the in-between.


11:05:29 AM Durff says: the tree outside the upper elementary school


11:05:33 AM wrobinson72 says: Last school year I had my students type up their favorite learing experiences from the year- it was surprising- they really remember projects and competition


11:05:48 AM Durff says: yup


11:05:50 AM Terry Freedman says: They are taking a break


11:05:53 AM Darren Draper says: I never learned how to learn until I was in college.


11:05:56 AM Durff says: that is what is memorable


11:05:59 AM Terry Freedman says: (beer)


11:06:05 AM Joseph Miller says: those of you not here: here is darren's intor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx9jJk0EHPY


11:06:08 AM Dave Tarwater says: I am still learning how to learn


11:06:14 AM Emily Taylor says: me too!


11:06:17 AM Darren Draper says: Me, too.


11:06:20 AM Joseph Miller says: we are on 15 minute break


11:06:25 AM Durff says: me too


11:06:28 AM Terry Freedman says: I will stay connected so that everything gets recorded, but I may disappear


11:06:32 AM Durff says: when i get there tell me


11:06:42 AM Darren Draper says: Joseph, you're there in person. Terry, are you or are you managing from the UK?


11:06:49 AM Joseph Miller says: here in person


11:06:56 AM Terry Freedman says: I am managing from my home in UK


11:06:57 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Buenos Aires!


11:06:59 AM Durff says: where are you darren?


11:07:09 AM Darren Draper says: SLC, UT, USA


11:07:11 AM Joseph Miller says: the video is non-edited, so please understand


11:07:18 AM John Protsman says: his presentation ended for a break, we're in denver, co


11:07:19 AM Darren Draper says: understandable.


11:07:19 AM Durff says: utah?


11:07:24 AM Darren Kuropatwa says: Hi Folks! Jjust finished up. Taking 1`5 min. break. I love you guys! Thanks for joining us!


11:07:25 AM Darren Draper says: Yes.


11:07:25 AM Joseph Miller says: Darren..you're with Jordan?


11:07:29 AM Darren Draper says: Yep.


11:07:39 AM Joseph Miller says: Love your website


11:07:49 AM Darren Kuropatwa says: You know everyone's name better than I, but yeah, I am.


11:07:56 AM Darren Draper says: Thanks. We've worked hard on it, but it still needs some work.


11:08:06 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren, I couldn't find the links page on the wiki. do u have the URL?


11:08:09 AM Joseph Miller says: I always send people to Jordan's ed tech site as a great example


11:08:10 AM Durff says: so how can we so this with sound the next time?


11:08:15 AM Darren Kuropatwa says: Darren signing off but don't let me stop you. Cheers!


11:08:20 AM Joseph Miller says: Darren, Great job!


11:08:26 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Cheers Darren


11:08:27 AM Terry Freedman says: Durff: I am recording the sound


11:08:37 AM Durff says: you techies out there think on that


11:08:43 AM Durff says: great


11:09:00 AM Durff says: but i mean like streaming it live terry


11:09:10 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren will add it to slideshare, and it could become a podcast


11:09:13 AM Durff says: gee, terry could do that


11:09:25 AM Sharon Peters says: we need to do more synchronous webcasts, I agree Durrff


11:09:26 AM Terry Freedman says: well, hopefully after tomorrow nite I will know how!


11:09:27 AM Durff says: yews, after the fact


11:09:28 AM Darren Draper says: Very cool. I love it.


11:09:31 AM Sharon Peters says: hah!


11:09:40 AM Durff says: yo will terry


11:09:48 AM Terry Freedman says: a few people (10) were able to join me a skype conference call, so they can hear it live


11:09:52 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Thank you Terry for being the chatcast host!


11:09:55 AM Bud Hunt says: hello, again -- did I miss lots of good stuff?


11:09:56 AM Durff says: but i will never know how to type


11:10:11 AM Terry Freedman says: Bud, it's been summarised here


11:10:12 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Bud we are on a break now.


11:10:14 AM Darren Draper says: Hello, Bud. We were just posting to your new blog. :)


11:10:16 AM Durff says: hi bud


11:10:25 AM Bud Hunt says: hi, durff. darren.


11:10:31 AM Bud Hunt says: MY new blog, huh?


11:10:42 AM Bud Hunt says: that's made me day, y'all.


11:10:43 AM Darren Draper says: Apparently.


11:10:47 AM Claudia Ceraso says: The "fakeblog", the prolific one you mean :)


11:10:55 AM Bud Hunt says: never been parodied before. That's very . . . .um . . .. meta.


11:11:03 AM Durff says: the fake bud?


11:11:06 AM Darren Draper says: Spock-like, if you ask me.


11:11:10 AM Dave Tarwater says: @alll learners here is the wiki Darren created for his visit with us http://acsd14.pbwiki.com/ the password is acsd14


11:11:30 AM Terry Freedman says: Thanks, Dave


11:11:32 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Ciberparody so 2 point oh-ish


11:11:33 AM Durff says: thank you


11:11:36 AM Terry Freedman says: I'm hungry


11:11:54 AM Terry Freedman says: (coffee)(^)


11:11:57 AM Bud Hunt says: thanks, terry, for hosting - is there another session or is this the post show?


11:12:12 AM Dave Tarwater says: @freedman, wish you were here in Colorado to share out breakfast goodies


11:12:24 AM Terry Freedman says: well, I am keeping the line open so that Darren's next session will be recorded too)


11:12:32 AM Bud Hunt says: Ohh .. . .goodies?


11:12:34 AM Terry Freedman says: lol @ Dave


11:12:38 AM Bud Hunt says: Worth a half hour in the car?


11:12:43 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Do I hear Argentina on the room audio? That must be me...


11:12:50 AM Terry Freedman says: I think Joseph Miller might be recording, not sure


11:12:56 AM Darren Draper says: Yes, Terry. Thanks for hosting. Next session starts at 1:30 MT?


11:13:52 AM Darren Draper says: Or 11:30?


11:13:58 AM Terry Freedman says: cheers, Darren


11:14:03 AM Durff says: wiki won't let me loog in


11:14:06 AM Terry Freedman says: I have 11.30 Denver time


11:14:09 AM Terry Freedman says: http://acsd14.pbwiki.com/Whiplash!


11:15:00 AM Bud Hunt says: Looks like whiplash is coming up in a few


11:15:08 AM Bud Hunt says: get ready for some fast movin' tools


11:15:29 AM Terry Freedman says: Durff, u r right: it don't work


11:15:39 AM Durff says: i said that


11:16:02 AM Terry Freedman says: I know, I just said u were right


11:16:15 AM Durff says: me? right? you're kidding


11:17:25 AM Terry Freedman says: Hey, if anyone wants to contact me, use skype name (efreedman), email (terry@ictineducation.org) or look at website (www.ictineducation.org) and sign up for newsletter or subscribe to RSS feed.


11:17:37 AM Terry Freedman says: I usually update site every day, but am having a break this week


11:17:56 AM Durff says: i got in to wiki w/ my PBidentity


11:17:59 AM Durff says: i think


11:18:13 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren: if you want to teach something, u have to model it.


11:18:23 AM Terry Freedman says: That's what I am always saying too!


11:18:31 AM Claudia Ceraso says: Terry, do you tweet? I'm fceblog on Twitter.


11:18:54 AM Terry Freedman says: yes, tweenname= www.twitter.com/terryfreedman (I think!)


11:19:26 AM Bud Hunt says: Is it wrong to listen to Darren during the break?


11:19:27 AM Terry Freedman says: Has everyone gone for tea? any feedback on all this stuff?


11:19:37 AM Durff says: i am


11:19:43 AM Terry Freedman says: I am hoping to garner good blackmailing material


11:19:51 AM Sharon Peters says: lol


11:19:54 AM Bud Hunt says: Oh, I am, too -- just wondering if I should feel guilty.


11:19:59 AM Dave Tarwater says: @all oops the password to http://acsd14.pbwiki.com/ is adams14 not acsd14


11:20:01 AM Durff says: sounds fun


11:20:02 AM Sharon Peters says: just remember it works both ways


11:20:04 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Bud I guess Darren knows the audio is still open. Or does he?


11:20:06 AM Terry Freedman says: but seriously, I think that as he has left his mic on, it is ok.


11:20:11 AM Darren Draper says: Guilt is for the weak. Like sleep.


11:20:13 AM Bud Hunt says: ok - good.


11:20:15 AM Sharon Peters says: can't hear a thing? should I?


11:20:21 AM Terry Freedman says: he isn't saying anything personal


11:20:25 AM Terry Freedman says: oh wait...


11:20:26 AM Sharon Peters says: @darren - LOL


11:20:28 AM Bud Hunt says: Darren D - I have lots of guilt. It's a useful tool.


11:20:35 AM Bud Hunt says: we're still listening.


11:20:39 AM Bud Hunt says: don't go to the restroom or anything.


11:20:44 AM Terry Freedman says: "Terry is one of the best and most brilliant people I know"


11:20:44 AM Durff says: ok in


11:20:48 AM Bud Hunt says: otherwise - leave it on.


11:20:49 AM Sharon Peters says: hah!


11:21:05 AM Terry Freedman says: there's more...


11:21:14 AM Terry Freedman says: "Unlike that Sharon Peters person"


11:21:29 AM Sharon Peters says: (punch)


11:21:35 AM Durff says: that is high praise terry


11:21:42 AM Durff says: no waqit


11:21:51 AM Durff says: i think sharon is brilliant


11:21:51 AM Terry Freedman says: trouble is, I can't get thru to Daz to tell him; I am sure it's ok tho


11:21:51 AM *** Bud Hunt added Joyce Valenza to this chat




11:22:05 AM Durff says: hi joyce


11:22:10 AM Terry Freedman says: Sharon is wonderful


11:22:16 AM Sharon Peters says: thaks Durff - nice to know a friend or two out there....


11:22:25 AM Sharon Peters says: hi Joyce!


11:22:26 AM Durff says: 8)


11:22:38 AM Durff says: unlike that Freedman character


11:22:41 AM Terry Freedman says: who is Joyce?


11:22:49 AM Terry Freedman says: ooh, yes


11:22:50 AM Durff says: famnmous person


11:22:54 AM Terry Freedman says: hi, Joyce


11:23:02 AM Terry Freedman says: hah


11:23:16 AM Bud Hunt says: not sure if she's here -- but she was seeking you, Terry. Thought I'd try to solve the problem.


11:23:22 AM Terry Freedman says: Bud, thx for adding joyce


11:23:31 AM Terry Freedman says: thanks, Bud


11:23:32 AM Durff says: what time is it there?


11:23:39 AM Terry Freedman says: many people seek me, but I am elusive


11:23:44 AM Terry Freedman says: where?


11:23:45 AM Darren Draper says: 11:23am


11:23:47 AM Durff says: where Darren is


11:23:52 AM Darren Draper says: Which one?


11:23:54 AM Darren Draper says: :)


11:23:57 AM Durff says: ah


11:24:01 AM Darren Draper says: JK. We're in the same time zone.


11:24:08 AM Bud Hunt says: It's the ocean, Terry. It's big.


11:24:09 AM Durff says: thanks the other one


11:24:15 AM Terry Freedman says: lol


11:24:20 AM Durff says: ok don't confuse me


11:24:22 AM Terry Freedman says: it is 18.24 here


11:24:29 AM Durff says: you owe me Darren


11:24:31 AM Claudia Ceraso says: GMt?


11:25:00 AM Terry Freedman says: I think this break is too long. Nobody needs more than 5 minutes, apart from ladies cos there is always a long line for their rest rooms


11:25:02 AM Darren Draper says: I'll let him know, Durff.


11:25:07 AM Durff says: no you


11:25:08 AM Terry Freedman says: I am in GMT + 1


11:25:15 AM Terry Freedman says: british summer time


11:25:17 AM Durff says: you're doing it again


11:25:19 AM Terry Freedman says: a misnomer if ever there was one


11:25:23 AM Durff says: quit that


11:25:33 AM Sharon Peters says: Ladies need time to put on their lipgloss - or at least I do... if the speaker is cute... I mean .... good


11:25:37 AM Terry Freedman says: who should quit what?


11:25:50 AM Terry Freedman says: Sharon put on her lip gloss for me


11:25:55 AM Terry Freedman says: (h)


11:26:02 AM Durff says: lipgloss? speak for yourself...you..WOWser


11:26:11 AM Durff says: not you terry


11:26:14 AM Sharon Peters says: lol


11:26:18 AM Bud Hunt says: Hmm . . .and this is when the conversation started to turn.


11:26:19 AM Terry Freedman says: lol


11:26:25 AM Durff says: yup


11:26:32 AM Terry Freedman says: yes, I am supposed to keep u all on track


11:26:34 AM Sharon Peters says: I thought Terry was sposed to keep us anchored??


11:26:34 AM Durff says: and downhill it rolled


11:26:35 AM Terry Freedman says: I am the Captain


11:26:37 AM Claudia Ceraso says: No lipstick necessary for chatcasting... another time-saving tool ;)


11:26:41 AM Terry Freedman says: I even bought myself a hat


11:26:49 AM Darren Draper says: brb - My daughter is begging me to play soccer. I'll try to make it back for Whiplash.


11:26:54 AM Durff says: the captain goes down with the ship


11:27:02 AM Terry Freedman says: Darren, u got 4 minutes


11:27:07 AM Durff says: hurry darren


11:27:09 AM Terry Freedman says: thx Durff


11:27:16 AM Terry Freedman says: I am starving


11:27:17 AM Durff says: welcome


11:27:21 AM Bud Hunt says: so which consultant is in charge here?


11:27:29 AM Terry Freedman says: consultant?


11:27:32 AM Durff says: i had an onion sandwich


11:27:38 AM Terry Freedman says: I am The Captain


11:27:47 AM Claudia Ceraso says: I having tuna sandwiches


11:27:48 AM Bud Hunt says: my mistake.


11:28:02 AM Durff says: i eat nothing w/ a smile


11:28:10 AM Terry Freedman says: here is another link, for the 2nd edition of Coming of Age:


11:28:19 AM Terry Freedman says: http://comingofage.ning.com


11:28:32 AM Terry Freedman says: ok, 1.5 mins to go before start of next session


11:28:32 AM Sharon Peters says: I had tuna too!


11:28:37 AM Durff says: why don't you publish it on Lulu?


11:28:41 AM Terry Freedman says: I bhad fish and chips


11:28:53 AM Claudia Ceraso says: @Sharon small word! No walls.


11:28:56 AM Terry Freedman says: Durff: that is one of the plans


11:29:04 AM Terry Freedman says: money will go to a good cause


11:29:13 AM Durff says: can we vote too on the whiplash wiki?


11:29:13 AM Terry Freedman says: (The Terry Freedman Retirement Fund)


11:29:21 AM Durff says: :)


11:29:24 AM Terry Freedman says: idk


11:29:37 AM Durff says: to where will the Freedman's retire?


11:29:57 AM Sharon Peters says: Canada, of course!


11:30:22 AM Durff says: i vote for Friedrichshafen


11:30:27 AM Terry Freedman says: lol


11:30:59 AM Bud Hunt says: I'm wearin' my neckbrace. Let's go.


11:31:13 AM Durff says: does it match your lipgloss?


11:31:16 AM Claudia Ceraso says: (be leaving you shortly. Must go to a class, but you'll see me online)


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