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Developing Expert Voices

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Introduction to this talk. 3 minutes 41 seconds.


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Your Homework

Review the chatcast below then answer the questions here. You can edit the wiki by clicking on the blue EDIT PAGE button near the top left corner of this page. If you don't see the EDIT PAGE button it is because you are not logged in. Log in by clicking on the log in link near the top right corner of this page.


What were the "Big Ideas" discussed in this session?



What were the "Takeaways" for you?



What questions do you have as a result of this session that you would like answered?






[10:24:22 AM] Durff says: is there any audio?


[10:24:43 AM] Joseph Miller says: not that I know of


[10:24:50 AM] Durff says: pooh


[10:25:33 AM] Jeff Lewis says: @Joe, I was looking at the privacy settings for the chat because Tom wasn't able to connect with us.  I actually didn't change anything.


[10:40:40 AM] Bud Hunt says: the money quote of the moning is "Schools have often treated cell phones like guns."  Well said, Fred.


[10:40:51 AM] Bud Hunt says: @Durff: All of those concepts are factual in nature.


[10:42:06 AM] Tonia Johnson says: marzano just wrote a really great book and the first chatper dealt with assessment in a way I've never thought of it before...it was great


[10:42:45 AM] Joseph Miller says: what is the book?


[10:43:03 AM] Tonia Johnson says: The Art and Science of Teaching


[10:43:29 AM] Durff says: Then, Bud, I am wrong, and you are right. A common occurance at my school, to which my students remind in Brooklyn Yiddish accents


[10:44:16 AM] Wesley Robinson says: I totally think Darren is awesome, but isn't it, I dunno, quaint to reflect with pen and paper for his great two days of teaching?


[10:44:38 AM] Durff says: indeed


[10:45:18 AM] Tonia Johnson says: they woke up one morning and said "hmm...I need to make a math vid today."


[10:47:56 AM] *** Joseph Miller added tdeaguero to this chat




[10:48:00 AM] *** tdeaguero can't be added to this chat due to his/her privacy settings




[10:53:40 AM] Joseph Miller says: DK is telling how developing expert voices was born and what the students had to do


[10:54:04 AM] conniel.vigil says: I'm from the old school but I would love to see first hand how you use some of these tools in your classroom.  Any takers, I'd like to come in and observe.  That would definitely help me.


[10:55:36 AM] Bud Hunt says: You're welcome in St. Vrain anytime!


[10:56:56 AM] Joseph Miller says: @Connie We will be videotaping classes.  Who is ready?


[10:57:14 AM] Regina Stewart says: you're funny, joe


[10:57:38 AM] Joseph Miller says: @Regina...you are ready?


[10:57:55 AM] Regina Stewart says: first day, you are welcome to stop by


[10:58:00 AM] Dave Tarwater says: This is not a spectator sport -  we can all collaborate with each other, start small and choose appropriate tools to use in the classroom first hand


[10:58:55 AM] Joseph Miller says: I think I disagree with DK on the take on the video.  Yes, the end is boring and we all stop it at that point.  First, the video takes the rote aspect of math and lists it in a pop cultural method that is catchy and fun.  In fact, in the same way that some of the Flickr results were not deep and some were, some videos can be deep.  Does saying I would never give that ssignment ignore multiple modalities?  Anyone think that math video could be improved?


[10:59:36 AM] Carrie Brunelli says: I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of this.  I think you're right Dave, I need to start small and then build upon it when I'm comfortable.


[11:00:05 AM] Jill Minzak says: @ carrie - that's my plan too


[11:00:14 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @joe things can be really cool and catchy but we have to be careful because they may be shallow and not have much learning involved...unless our goal was making a cool vid


[11:00:18 AM] Regina Stewart says: as an assingment, I agree that it is not good.  It is a summary of concepts that can't measure any level of mastery.  As a video, it is a great way to connect math with our students and I think that is why all of our teachers like it


[11:00:58 AM] Durff says: ok - planning 1st three days - sorry - what slide are we on?


[11:02:33 AM] Jesse William Brown says: I think that the video is great.  I think that there is not enough content for a meaningful assessment of math knowledge, but it could be a good way to introduce the tools.  It could be a first assignment to get students comfortable with the equipment and tools and gets them excited to use them.


[11:02:45 AM] Regina Stewart says: still exploring DEV projects off the slide show


[11:03:18 AM] Durff says: last my maths wouldn't do anything


[11:04:12 AM] Durff says: i think 'cause i am the first teacher who ever tried to integrate anything, let alone tech tools, they are just too resistant


[11:04:19 AM] Durff says: but i persist


[11:04:32 AM] Durff says: i'm annoying that way


[11:04:36 AM] Callie Brownlee says: I think the math video is one of many ways to begin to get students engaged. It could be a first step. We keep hearing take the students from where they are, and be gin to move them forward. (...or maybe that's what I've only heard) :^),anyway, with a little tweekin' I would offer with revising.


[11:04:43 AM] Jon Fisher says: I agree with Jesse. Before we develop expert voices we must first just develop any voice. w


[11:05:03 AM] Durff says: yes any voice at all


[11:10:25 AM] Jeff Lewis says: is tdeaguero on?


[11:10:34 AM] Durff says: no


[11:10:40 AM] Tonia Johnson says: he still can't get in


[11:11:08 AM] Durff says: he has privavy settings blocking chat


[11:11:29 AM] Jeff Lewis says: older version of skype, J and D are working on it


[11:11:51 AM] Durff says: can he upgrade?


[11:13:37 AM] Joseph Miller says: we are trying the tried and true tech solution...restart


[11:13:51 AM] Joseph Miller says: his skype can't be that old he just downloaded it


[11:13:58 AM] Durff says: when in doubt - restart


[11:16:31 AM] Bud Hunt says: sill skype


[11:16:36 AM] Bud Hunt says: oops


[11:16:42 AM] Bud Hunt says: silly


[11:16:55 AM] Durff says: it does have its moments


[11:19:25 AM] Jennifer Svihlik says: Anyone else's head swimming?  I think we were given so many tools to use with our students, I don't know where to start.


[11:19:46 AM] Durff says: Go2web2.0


[11:20:18 AM] Durff says: http://go2web2.blogspot.com/


[11:20:56 AM] Durff says: oh no this one http://www.go2web20.net/


[11:20:57 AM] Durff says: sorry


[11:23:18 AM] Bud Hunt says: start simply.   File away 90% of this stuff for later - if at all.


[11:24:16 AM] Durff says: one thing at a time - Bud is right (again)


[11:25:31 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @durff thanks for that it looks like there is a lot of cool stuff!


[11:26:00 AM] Durff says: you can change which type of site at the top


[11:27:06 AM] Jeremy Schriner says: I am really impressed with the DEV projects. I think that some of my students who have very limited internet and computer access should be given the opportunity to create a project with simplier technology (i.e. sharpies and construction paper), but this will be the minority. I think lots of the students would really get excited about the use of technology in their learning and create amazing projects.


[11:27:50 AM] Durff says: can they work in the library?


[11:28:28 AM] Durff says: can they collaborate with others who have computers?


[11:28:48 AM] John Protsman says: if you want to see the site he's talking about http://sketchup.google.com/


[11:34:01 AM] Wesley Robinson says: I know this is off topic(for break-time lookin')- great CSAP scores scource http://csapscores.org/


[11:38:12 AM] Bud Hunt says: Wow -- that's a cool mashup!


[11:39:33 AM] Joseph Miller says: we are done for the day


[11:40:07 AM] Bud Hunt says: Well, thanks again for a great learning opportunity - I hope we have a chance to do something like this again!


[11:40:25 AM] Joseph Miller says: see ya Bud, thanks being with us


[11:40:30 AM] Durff says: absolutely


[11:40:40 AM] Joseph Miller says: tahnks Durff


[11:40:54 AM] Joseph Miller says: thanks.


[11:41:01 AM] Durff says: seeya


[11:41:22 AM] Tonia Johnson says: @bud is it cool with you that i linked your blog on my blog?


[11:44:12 AM] Bud Hunt says: @Tonia - totally.  Please link away.  Once it's out there, it's fair game.


[11:47:45 AM] *** Dave Tarwater left this chat




[11:57:04 AM] *** Andrew Palmer left this chat




[11:57:09 AM] *** John Protsman left this chat




[12:17:06 PM] *** Kelly Schwichtenberg left this chat




[12:19:25 PM] *** Jennifer Svihlik left this chat

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